What All A Next Generation Endpoint Protection Should Have?

When the technology is getting advanced day by day, chances of risks and failures are also increasing with time. People have even developed technologies that can hack your data as well as your system. Viruses and malware are spread so much that is not possible to secure them by anti-virus software’s whether they are free of cost or they are paid or licensed. So, to keep the data unaffected from all such security attacks such as malware, phishing attacks, viruses, etc, it is necessary to provide endpoint security.

There are various software’s available nowadays that provide endpoint protection, but to select the best software for this purpose is most important. End protection never allows any intruder to get into your system. So, to overcome all the risks, you need a next generation endpoint protection that integrates lots of technologies to so as to protect the system against all types of attacks and viruses. Endpoint security looks after the every task that takes place in the system so that no one could attack on the system. It is not possible to track all such tasks manually every time as attacks can even take place when you are sleeping or when system gets turned off. Therefore, for this purpose endpoint security is responsible to overcome from all such attacks by automating all the tasks.

Next generation endpoint protection works through the following three stages:

  1. Prevention:Prevention is the very first stage and at this stage, malware are stopped to get enter into the system so that less time is consumed and less effort is required to remove malware after it gets entered into the system. Prevention is further classified into two stages: pre-execution defense and exposure prevention. In a pre-execution defense, File analytic is done so as to know whether the file has a code that can alter the registry and emulator is checked so that one could test the test in the safest environment. In exposure prevention, web is protected by blocking malicious websites, device is controlled by allowing access to specific devices in the system, and when some download takes place, it is analyzed from where the file has come.
  2. Detection:Detection is the second stage and it comes in use when somehow malware enters into the system to harm the system. In order to have an efficient next generation endpoint security, it should have malicious traffic detection, exploit detection and memory scanning.
  3. Response:In this stage, malware that has entered into the system must be removed from the system. Not only malware, but all the other files that are responsible for its origin must also be removed from the system.  It consists of two components, namely root cause analysis and malware removal. Malware removal’s role is to eliminate the malware from the system while root cause analysis identifies the origin of the malware in the system.

So, this is how the next generation endpoint protection keeps you protected. The best software that meets with all your needs is available at Promisec. Promisec fulfills all your requirements and provides you the endpoint protection software that is unique from all the network security scanners available as it is a bundle of great benefits and features.

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