What Is The Major Difference Between Concrete Grinding And Concrete Cutting?


Both concrete grinding and concrete cutting services are many times used simultaneously at the same work site, however, they are two different processes entirely. While both services are primarily used to enhance concrete surface, one can’t just substitute other. Each service has its own set of applications and distinctive purposes.

Yet, some contractors in the construction sector not aware of the main difference between concrete cutting and concrete grinding service and thus, they often confuse one for another. This is why, in this post, we will discuss the primary difference between these two concrete services.

What Is Concrete Grinding?

Concrete grinding is a performed to remove unevenness of the surface caused by consistent use, construction or another reason. Grinding the irregular surface of a concrete structure will immediately make the surface smooth and enhance its texture.

Here Are Some Major Benefits Of Concrete Grinding

What Is Concrete Cutting?

In the concrete cutting process, specialized equipment and tools are used to cut through concrete, asphalt, tile, brick and stone surfaces. Here cuts are more accurately done for various purposes such as roadway remodeling, HVAC installation, door and window openings, etc. Concrete cutting us also used in excavation projects.

Modern concrete cutting tools produce minimal noise and vibration, and thus preferred for concrete cutting work at public buildings with high traffic like hospitals, educational institutes, etc. Work can be efficiently performed both indoor and outdoor.

Following Are Some Major Concrete Cutting Services Offered Professional Diamond Concrete Cutting Contractors.

Hand Sawing:

 A hand-held diamond sawing equipment is used to ensure good flexibility while cutting. Hand sawing technique is preferred when concrete cutting is required in the indoor area with limited access, where heavy concrete cutting machines can’t reach. It is commonly used to cut surfaces for window and door openings. It can also be used to cut trenches in the basement or garage.

Wall Sawing:

This method is opted to make accurate cuts in horizontal as well as vertical concrete surfaces such as floors, slabs, walls, etc. This can be used to create an opening for HVAC installation or doorways in both existing and new structures.

Asphalt Cutting:

 Many roads, parking lots, and driveways are made of asphalt material. Concrete cutting contractors also offer asphalt cutting service to residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Flat Sawing:

It is also known as slab sawing many contractors. In flat sawing, the uppermost surface of the concrete is cut and removed to make the surface even, meaning free of any irregularities.

Cutting concrete requires professionals with specific skill-set and knowledge of right concrete cutting equipment based on your project specification. Want to learn more about concrete cutting services, find a professional and reputable concrete cutting service provider in your area!

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