Why A Mobile Car Key Cutting Service Is Still Relevant

mobile car key cutting service

A mobile car key cutting service cuts and programs the various types of car keys onsite at your car or vehicle while you wait for a little while. Most of the main car dealers are unable to cut replacement car keys in their shop. The major dealers usually have a code on the file which offers them the relevant information to cut your key. The sad truth is that a majority of these services do not offer car key cutting. This means that you need to order keys from their workshop or head office which could take as much as 5 days or more. This is why it is best to go for the professional services.

Types of Keys Cut

There are 2 main kinds of keys that are used for the vehicles – the laser and the side cut. The mobile car key cutting service cut different kinds of keys, from these profiles. They bring in different kinds of cutting machines with each type of key that needs cutting by a different key cutting machine. The side cut car keys are used on the previous models and are fast being replaced with laser keys by a number of manufacturers. However, you will still get manufacturers who use the side cut variations. Such keys are known for wearing and snapping.

A mobile car key cutting service re-cuts the snapped car keys and saves you money over having to order a replacement from the dealer. Usually, the main dealers can replace the snapped keys with a brand new key that need you to program the car. The key cutters easily cut the new key with the snapped pieces as a template and then move to the transponder chip, eliminating the need to program the key.

Laser Cut Car Keys

Laser cut car keys are not cut with the help of laser. However, they are named in that way because of their cut looks like the trail of a laser. Laser cut car keys are being used more extensively, and they are gradually replacing most of the side cut versions. These laser variations are much stronger keys and are less likely to wear, snap and tear.

How are the Keys Cut?

A key cutting service cuts the car keys onsite in their mobile working van. Specialist equipment is carried by the team for cutting the different types of key profiles, including the ones that require dedicated machines. The car keys are cut by code, pattern or copy. In case there is a key code, the mobile car key cutting service can enter the number into the software and allow the device to take care of the rest. Usually, the key code is written down on a card before the service book. In case the code has been lost in some way or the other, the cutting service can acquire a large amount of manufacturer key codes from the main dealers.

If no key code is available, the service removes a lock from your vehicle and takes it apart so that they can check the way in which the key needs to be cut. If one is working or all the pieces of a broken key are present, the key cutting services can use it as a template for tracing a new key.

The mobile car key cutting service deals with a lot more than people realize. Right from the obvious problems of getting locked in your car to installing a complete security system for your vehicle, they do it all. These professionals also offer vehicle security consultations and upgrades, and are thoroughly trained to service your emergency needs.

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