Why Rattan Is A Great Choice For Use Around The Home

When it comes to home decor, there are lots of factors to consider and a great range of different materials which you could pick for your furnishings.

Although wood is arguably more traditional, an increasing number of homeowners are turning to rattan because of the many advantages it offers.

Here we take a look at the use of rattan in the home and just why it’s a great choice.


Any purchase of furniture is an investment, and one that you will inevitably hope will last a long time.

But furniture can be subjected to heavy use, particularly items such as chairs and sofas so unless you buy a quality piece, you could find it starting to fall apart before you’ve even paid off the credit agreement!

Rattan is one of the toughest materials you can buy, with its strength far outperforming wood. Natural rattan has a strength which can rival steel and concrete and the synthetic product is manufactured to the same standards.

This strength means that rattan furniture cannot only withstand the rigours of daily use but will be durable and long lasting.

Easy to Clean

Rattan is naturally stain-resistant which means that if you have pets or children, you won’t have to worry so much about those little spills or accidents which inevitably occur.

As long as you wipe it up straight away, the rattan won’t stain and the cushions just zipper off so the covers can be thrown in the washing machine to clean up.

Rattan doesn’t take much cleaning either, only requiring a low-maintenance regime. A quick swipe over with a feather duster to clear away any dust will normally suffice but for a really deep clean you can run over it with the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. This will suck out any deep-seated grime and will leave your rattan looking immaculate.


Although you inevitably want your furniture to be sturdy and strong, if they’re too heavy it can make it very difficult to move around the room.

If you want to vacuum behind the sofa, or re-arrange your furniture, having a heavy sofa, chair or table can make it hard work.

Rattan furniture is very lightweight, making it easy to move around when needed, without compromising its natural core strength and toughness.

This lightness is due to the aluminium frame around which the rattan weave is wrapped. Aluminium is an excellent choice of metal because not only is it anti-corrosive, it’s also incredibly light. This makes it ideal for items which need to be strong but not too heavy.


Some types of furniture can be rather sensitive to storage conditions, reacting badly to cold, damp or humidity.

This can be the case particularly with wood and timber which can warp or peel when exposed to these conditions.


Rooms in the house such as the conservatory, bathroom or kitchen can all experience varying degrees of dampness and humidity, especially when there’s been lots of steam.

Rattan is completely impervious to water and can cope with extremes of temperature without compromising the integrity of its structure. In fact, rattan is so resilient it can be left outside in the coldest winter weather and will still remain in tip-top condition!

This kind of resilience is unusual in furniture and is one of the qualities which set rattan apart.

Great Range

If you choose to have rattan furniture in your home, you’ll find it complements contemporary and traditions decors, helping to create a perfectly balanced interior.

Of course, you may not want to have just one piece of rattan furniture and there’s a huge range for you to pick from.

As well as lounge sofas and chairs, there are tables, dining sets, storage and accessories too, so you can make rattan a theme in as many rooms as you want!


Strong, stain-resistant and comfortable, it’s difficult to argue against choosing rattan for your home decor. With a natural, eco-friendly appearance, rattan furniture complements existing interior design, allowing you to update your home in one easy step.

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