Why You Need Commercial Property Insurance

Owning a house causes a lot of stress and headaches. Owning a commercial property is an even bigger ordeal. Commercial property damage can be extremely costly, making commercial insurance a must for any business owner.

In the event that your property sustains damage from a natural disaster or fire, you are going to have to file a claim with your insurance company. Filing an insurance claim seems like a painless process in which the insurance company does everything in their power to help them, but it isn’t. You pay a monthly premium for them to take care of your property. When you file a claim, they will do everything they can to help you while still protecting their financial interests. This is why you need someone on your side.
A public commercial claims adjuster is the best bet for getting the maximum settlement amount. Insurance adjusters are the individuals who survey the damage and determine the value of your claim. Here’s why you should hire a public claims adjuster.
– They work for you – As opposed to independent or company adjusters, they work directly for the property owner. They will fight to get you as much money as they can. Other adjusters work for the insurance provider and will work with their best interests in mind. If you truly want someone in your corner during an insurance claim, hire a public commercial adjuster.
– More Money – It will cost some money to hire a public adjuster, but they usually pay for themselves. This is because their payment is based on a percentage of the settlement amount they get for their clients. In many cases, the increased amount they achieve will outweigh their costs, making them profitable in the long run. Never hire an adjuster that asks for a flat rate up front.
– They are licensed and educated – Public adjusters are the only kinds of adjusters in most states that are required to have a license. Even company adjusters can be hired without one. Many public adjusters have worked for insurance companies in the past, meaning they have the experience needed to be able to counter any strategy the insurer attempts to decrease your final settlement amount.
Public adjusters provide a myriad of benefits. They are really the only way to have a teammate that is truly on your side during the claims process. If you don’t trust your insurance company, hire one today.
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