Why Your Business Needs Luxury Ergonomic Chairs

First impressions count for a lot in the world of business. As human beings we make split second judgments regarding how we feel about people and environments according to the information that we’re presented with at any given time.

Although these days it is common for the first introduction with a particular business to occur anonymously online, many initial communications result in a physical follow-up appointment to a company’s business premises at some point.

Pay attention to your Lobby Area

Visitors to a reception area will immediately form an opinion about a company based on the standard of the décor, the quality of the seating and the ambience that they experience. So with this in mind, it is vital that a company invests some time and money in creating an attractive lobby area, complete with ergonomic seating for the type of client that they’re hosting.

Reception areas and lobbies are rarely just waiting rooms with a couple of leather chairs and a coffee table covered in old magazines anymore. Many people travel with iPads or laptops and like to sit comfortably and use Wi-Fi in advance of their business appointment. Clients sitting in these types of receptions, which are effectively informal working areas, are likely to notice quality furniture such as luxury ergonomic chairs which will make it easier for them to surf in comfort whilst they wait. These chairs suggest that a company is affluent and also that it embraces innovation which are both excellent ways to create a positive first impression.

Attracting Employees

Prospective employees visiting a firm will also feel encouraged when they spot ergonomic chairs featured in both the reception and the actual office areas of a business.

Ergonomic chairs are well known to prevent stress-related injuries occurring to the body, so the inclusion of ergo chairs in your workplace indicates that you care about the well-being of those that work for you and that you have their best interests at heart.

Increase Employee Productivity

Office workers typically spend as much as 8 hours of the day sat at their desk using a computer to complete their work tasks. This can lead to repetitive strain injury or orthopaedic damage in an employee, resulting in time off work and even injury claims. The best way to reduce the chances of this happening to your business is by providing all of your staff with ergonomic chairs and giving them adequate training in how to use the chairs correctly. An ergo chair adjusted at the correct level for an individual has been found to increase worker productivity by up to 17.5%, which is likely to result in your profit sheet looking in a much more desirable state than that of a business who doesn’t choose to invest in the health of its employees.

Choosing the best Luxury Ergonomic Chairs

Once you’ve made the decision to include ergonomic chairs in your workplace, you’ll find that there are a huge variety of designs to choose from. Ideally, you’ll choose a chair that offers the combination of creating a great impression whilst supporting the body and suiting your work environment. Pay attention to the materials used in a particular ergonomic chair – mesh allows air to flow freely through the chair, which prevents a person from overheating, whilst moulded foam offers excellent comfort as it matches the contours of the body.

Ergonomic chairs offer the opportunity to support your staff’s wellbeing and productivity rates whilst promoting an attractive company image to your clients – they make a very wise addition to your company’s assets.

Patrick Boland is the CEO of the quality and comfortable heavy-duty office seating company – H&M Ergo Seating.  Patrick believes that by ensuring your employee’s are comfortable and happy in the office environment, will increase productivity and staff morale.

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