Simple Ways To Update Your Bathroom

You can tell a lot about a person by the way his or her bathroom looks. If you have beauty and hair care products lining the counters and towels piled up in the corners, guests probably think you don’t care about the way your home looks to others. Your bathroom may have a less than pleasing look because it’s older and needs some work but you don’t have time to do any home improvement projects. Though it may seem hard to believe, there are some simple ways you can update your bathroom and make it look more appealing to guests.

Change the Surround

The surround refers to the walls that surround your tub and shower. As that tile ages, it develops cracks that can cause the tiles to pop off the walls. This can lead to water damage developing inside the walls too. Tile refinishing is one of the easiest ways to restore the look of your bathroom and to protect your walls from further damage. While you can stick to the same color as your original walls, you can also opt for an entirely new color.

Replace Faucets

A common reason why bathrooms look outdated is because homeowners use the same faucets for years. If your bathroom has the same faucets it had when you first bought your home, now is a good time for an upgrade. Faucets now come in hundreds of designs and in fun finishes that range from oil-rubbed bronze and antique finishes to chrome and more modern finishes. You can match the sink faucet to the faucet in your tub too. Now is a good time to take a look at some of the shower heads and panels that you can buy too.

Swap Out Decorations

If you have a limited budget and really want to change the look of your bathroom, consider changing out the decorations in the room, including the pictures hanging on the walls, the plants you have in the corners and even the hand towels that you put out on display. Bringing in some new towels that match the shower mat and the toilet seat cover is an easy and affordable way to change the look of your bathroom. Give your bathroom the facelift that it needs with a new tile surround, faucets and decorations that will work in the space without breaking the bank.

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