10 Best Benefits Of Fat Transfer and Liposuction

10 Best Benefits Of Fat Transfer and Liposuction

Fat transfer is a sensitive topic in plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons use a patient’s fat to restore the volume of other body parts. Fat grafting is a minimally invasive three step procedure that typically takes only two to four hours. First there is an application of a local anesthetic in the region and then the excess fat is removed from the area using a cannula connected syringe. The fat is then cleaned and purified in a centrifuge. Lastly, the surgeon deposits the lipids carefully into natural tissue planes in places like the face, breasts or buttocks using a micro-syringe.

The treatment has improved over the years, and it is nowadays efficient and  effective for large quantity fat removal with a quick recovery period. It has many benefits, and those who might need it should feel free to consult a board certified surgeon about the procedure. Fat transfers and liposuction have several advantages

1.Hand Rejuvenation Fat Grafting:This fat transfer procedure improves the skin quality of the patient. It plumps up wrinkle regions and covers visible blood vessels.

2.Facial Fat Grafting:This fat grafting procedure allows a faster recovery compared to the traditional facelifts. The process can be performed using local anesthesia.The results are natural and  transformative when compared to the volume lost  as we age. The procedure is less likely to cause allergic reactions and is a long lasting facial filler.

3.Breast Augmentation Fat Grafting:In this fat grafting procedure, the scars are smaller, and in many cases, there is no need for implants, unlike the traditional breast Augmentation.

It is useful in correcting deformities and abnormal breast shape. Many mastectomy patients have looked to fat grafting as their only option to restore fullness to scarred, irradiated  or otherwise damaged tissues.

4.ButtLift Fat Grafting:The transfer of fat to buttocks provides a more natural look compared to butt implants. This procedure also presents fewer chances for complications like fluid collection, capsular contracture, and implant displacement.

5.Abdominal Liposuction:This fat reduction treatment is always useful when shaping the abdominal area in men and women. Pregnancy and cesarean sections may disfigure the lower abdomen. Abdominal fat is mostly located beneath the skin and can be easily removed through liposuction procedures. Unfortunately, lipids that are found deep in the abdominal region cannot be extracted with this fat reduction treatment since it increases the risk of severe complications. Smart Liposuction is also a popular option and is much safer than traditional liposuction as all of the fat is removed through a tiny cannula so the entire procedure can be performed in office under local anesthesia.

6.Liposuction of Flanks:Liposuction procedures can significantly improve the appearance of the thighs. It reduces the amount of fat that bulges over the belt. In women, the procedure addresses the flanks that are just under the bra line on the back and sides. This will help alleviate the dreaded bra bulge seen when wearing tight fitting dresses and lingerie.

7.Liposuction of Hips:Liposuction on hips is usually successful in creating a contoured figure in women. This liposuction procedure is often performed in conjunction with fat transfer to the hips to deposit fat to create that hourglass shape that many women desire. This procedure can many times accomplish what a tummy tuck does without the complications associated with an inpatient treatment. In short this type of  liposuction  helps ladies and men get the shape they crave with little downtime and a quick recovery.

8.Liposuction of Buttocks:It is always essential to note that shaping the buttocks is more important than reducing the size. Buttocks are crucial in the overall appearance of the body. Therefore, surgeons should approach fat transfer to buttocks procedure with a picture of how it is supposed to appear after the treatment. Fat transfer to buttocks facilitates the shaping of the muscles. For these reasons this type of procedure is closer to art than simple surgery. You will want to find a surgeon who performs these procedures weekly or daily and has the experience needed to artfully sculpt the buttocks.

9.Liposuction of Arms:This treatment always results in a slimmer appearance that gives the rest of the body a contoured look. The patient must tell  the surgeon how the fat reduction treatments should make him/her appear after the procedure.

10.Neck, Chin and Face liposuction:This procedure removes fat deposits from specific regions of the face like the jowls, the chin, and the neck. It helps the patient get rid of excess fats giving a more youthful appearance. Facial liposuction has helped many people feel and look young again even as they continue to age..

So, as evident from the ten types of liposuction mentioned above, fat transfer and liposuction both have various benefits to offer you!

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