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10 Factors Determining Air Conditioner Servicing

So, you think that your AC could use a bit of servicing, do you? Don’t make that decision so fast, however. There are plenty factors that you need to take into account before you make the decision to take on those costly repairs.

You may figure out that your AC doesn’t need repairs after all. Or maybe you find out that a new system is the best way to go entirely. Be sure to get a home air conditioning service out to check out your system, if you find out that you do need repairs. Read on to discover the top factors that should lead into your decision.

1. How Old Is Your AC?

The first factor that should lead into your decision to repair or replace your air conditioning unit is the age of the system. How long have you had the AC? If you’ve had it for quite a while, use this handy calculation to determine if repairs are worth it or if it’s better to get a new system entirely:

Take the age of your unit and multiply it by the repair cost. If the number is larger than $5,000 it’s probably better for you to get an entirely new system than taking on those costly repairs.

2. What’s the Energy Efficiency Like?

You should definitely factor in energy efficiency into your decision to either replace or repair your system. If your unit is fairly old, it might be a better idea to replace your entire system in order to get a more energy efficient unit. This is going to lower your energy bills a ton since newer units are going to have a much higher efficiency than older ones.

3. Check Out The R-22.

If your system has been leaking a refrigerant and requires extra R-22 to operate, it might be a better idea to get an entirely new system, as this service can cost you a pretty penny and might not be worth it in the end.

4. How Frequently Do You Make Repairs?

Another factor to bring into the equation is to understand how frequently you make repairs. If you often find yourself making costly repairs that are hurting your monthly budget, you might be better off investing in a new AC. However, if you haven’t made many repairs in the past and your system seems to be reliant, then go for those repairs.

5. Are Your Energy Bills Rising?

If your energy bills are on the rise, then that’s a sign that your AC needs some work or needs to be replaced. As mentioned before, the energy efficiency of older models is much less than newer models. That could be the reason for your higher energy bills.

6. Are Your Home a Bit Too Hot in The Summer?

If your home seems a bit hotter than usual in the summer time, then that could be a sign that your AC isn’t working as well as it should. If that’s the case, then it’s probably best to get those repairs done if your unit isn’t too old. However, again, if that age is too high, it could be a better idea to replace the system.

7. How Long Are You Planning to Live in The Home?

Another factor you’ve got to take into consideration is the length of time you plan to live in your current home. If that amount of time is pretty low, it might not be worth your time to get your whole system repaired or replaced.

8. What’s Your Budget Like?

Of course, one of the top factors should be what your budget is looking like. If you have enough money to replace the whole system for a more energy efficient model, then that could be the best option for you.

9. Do You Notice Any Loud Noises?

If your system is making any loud noises that it shouldn’t be making, then that’s definitely a sign that something’s wrong. It’s best to get someone out from the local air conditioning store out to check it out.

10. Have You Done Your Own Inspection?

Sometimes, if you’ve worked with your home system for quite some time, you can often check out the unit and see what could be wrong. However, it’s always best to have a technician come out to see what repairs might be needed.

Having your AC unit repaired or serviced could be the best choice for you. Or you might need to get a whole new system. This just depends on your budget and the factors listed above – be sure to do your proper research before you make your final decision.

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