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3 Interesting Features Of Screen Print Shirts

The technique of screen printing started almost 2000 years back, using human hair to frame a screen. Although, this technique was first used by chinese, but it has gathered a great momentum all over the world.

In the apparel printing industry, screen printing is considered to be of the most superior quality. The graphic tees that you see around popular retail stores are screen printed. It gives the garment an eye catching, attractive and bold look and at the same time, keeps it cost effective.

It is always a good idea to have a fair knowledge of the garments you own. Handling, using and purchasing it in future becomes easy. Here are a three interesting features of screen print fabrics.

1. Printed in Bulk

The shirts with screen prints are printed in bulk. This is why these shirts are cost effective. There are a lot of steps required for screen prints on fabrics, thus, printing only one shirt at a time can be a very expensive project. Bulk orders reduces the cost of shirts and even delivers huge quantity in less time. Depending on the quality of materials to be used, shirts can be customised to meet client’s budget and needs.

2. Long Lasting and Durable

Compared to other printing methods, screen prints are high in quality.  It depends on the fabric that you are choosing for your screen print, but these prints usually have a long lasting life. They do not fade away so easily and retain the same color for a longer time. The best thing about screen printed fabrics are that these are absolutely safe for machine use. Multiple machine washes will not mar the quality and print of your garment. Its durability makes it a good choice for daily use.

3. Customised Printing

Screen printing makes it possible to print the designs as required by the customers or clients. The technique enables to print large pictures or images. It also provides printing on specific parts of the shirt like at the back, on the front pocket, on collar etc. The clients can choose everything for bulk screen printing, starting from the design, the fabric, the type of garment and the color schemes to be used. Anything and everything can be customised according to the needs of the clients.

All you need to do is to research about a good company that can help you with bulk screen printing orders. Look for their website and order you screen print wears. Mark your label on the shirts and gift it to your employees. This is a perfect way to make your employees happy and simultaneous promote your company’s brand.

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