3 Things Your Home Needs Done

How is your house looking? As a homeowner you should always be invested in the value and appeal of your home. It can be difficult to juggle your personal life, work life, and home repair life! The professionals at Repairs and Paints suggest making a written itinerary of what you need done both in and out of your home. Having a small check list will make your job that much easier. Do you have a professional eye for repair work and renovative ideas? Follow this guide to get your house back into tip top shape!

Grand Entrance

Let’s start at the beginning, and what better beginning than the front door. How is that old American dream standing up? That dream with the wrap around front porch leading to a beautifully ornate entrance into your home still exists. Adding a small deck, especially to the right side of your front door is a huge eye catcher. This also extends your living space right from the start. You could have a great place for plants and decorations. Inevitably – for your children, this may end up being a place for toys, a basketball, or even a makeshift bike rack! Wouldn’t it be nice to add character to the front of your home? If you build your front porch deck with the correct materials it will stay in great shape and look wonderful. It will always hold its value.

3 Things Your Home Needs Done

The Little Things

What is it that makes your house a home? Having floors, and walls, and ceilings is a great start. What can really help take your home to the next level are custom additions. Light fixtures are one great place to look. Matching and coordinating decorative lighting will grant a great high end appearance.  Top off your lighting fixture upgrades with enriched door knobs, cabinet hardware, switch plate covers, and air duct registers. These simple home improvement upgrades can make all the difference.

The Birds and the Trees

Nature always seems a find a way to fight our advances. We cut the lawn, and the next week, it needs to be cut again!  Shabby bushes, trees, and shrubs can have more than one negative effect. These trees and shrubs can promote mold growth on the exterior of your home. They will also block out sunlight and darken the inside of your home. Start every spring by pruning large trees and shrubs. Maintain your landscape and help your wildlife to grow back full and tamed. Thorough landscaping has the 3rd highest return on your investment. Home buyers are looking for well-manicured yards and lawns. Try removing some of your old bushes or trees. Organize your landscaping. Every time you take out, put something back. Plant a new bush or a new tree in its place. You can help increase property value and appearance within your neighborhood with these easy home maintenance steps. It is never over-looked and always appreciated.

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