3 Toys Your Baby Will Love To Play With

3 Toys Your Baby Will Love To Play With

After their birth babies are at most risk. They are weak, sensitive and totally dependent on their parents for everything. For the first few months babies need only food and care. The requirement of toys  is negligible at this moment but in the later months these toys become markers for both recreation and development of the child.

Once the baby’s movements increase, it needs to be introduced to toys and other things than food and parents. Toys are a baby’s friends until he/she is able to mix with the outer world and make contact with others. Therefore toys become a very important feature of the baby’s everyday life. The parents must be careful while buying toys for their infants as they are very sensitive to outside agents and  also act as milestone markers for their development.

Toys must be brought appropriately  according to the age of the child and with all the proper safety measures to avoid cuts, scratches or any kind of injury or toxicity to the baby. Below is the list of 3 such toys which are safe and of great fun to your kids.


Small building blocks or blocks of different shapes are a great toy for kids to play with in their early age.  Blocks with bright colours make them attractive to the children. These also improves the hand eye coordination of infants. These can be ordered online as toy market have gone digital in recent years. Choose big/small packs of block or shapes blocks for your child .

2.Soft Toys

The best toys for babies are soft toys in shapes of animals, balls, cushions etc. These are extremely soft due to materials used in making them. Pandas, teddy bears are the most famous ones globally. Soft toys comes in several shapes and sizes but it is advisable that the toy must be a bit bigger than the child so that it can act as a cushion also while playing.

3.Stacking blocks

Stacking rings are yet another interesting toy for kids. It can be used for many purposes such as to identify colours,  get the idea of bigger to smaller objects and sequencing.  These baby toys are also found at very comfortable rates online.

The types of toys a baby uses in its first few years are uncountable. Most of these are for its own indulgence while some are for developing its senses and movements. The market of toys have grown substantially in the recent years and now even online shopping of toys is possible. With guaranteed safety measures and no dearth of new models the online baby toys sale is bound to expand in the coming years.

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