3 Ways to Connect with Your Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers

Although, getting new followers is a challenging task but engaging with them is not as hard as it sounds. But creating a new connection for your new brand or business can be a little tricky and confusing. Here, we will discuss 3 proven ways to connect with your Instagram followers for your fresh business or brand.

Instagram Niche specific Hashtags

First off, find your followers and potential audience and then find their most favorite hashtags. Hashtags give you incredible growth when it comes to increasing your fan base and brand awareness. Use niche specific hashtags for your newbie business. For example, if you are using the hashtag like #business which will not give desired results as it is too many broad hashtags and you are a newbie on Instagram. Rather than using general and broad hashtags, use niche specific hashtags like #businessforstartup.

Get creative and researching well:

The key factor to get success on Instagram is relevance, use most relevant hashtags that should focus your niche, target audience, industry. You should know what your requirements are and what your audience is looking for, research well and post what your followers want to see. Search the most related keywords and add the best possible hashtags. Check out the profile of your competitors and see the hashtags they are using for their post. Moreover, be creative and make your own hashtags that should be unique and new.

Connecting through Instagram Posts

Getting Instagram followers is not hard but keeping them glued with your post is a real task. Here are some tips that will help you to connect with your audience through your posts.

  • What your followers want to see and what is their obsession. Talk with them about this topic and share your thoughts or advise them.
  • That way, you can create the exact post that they want to see. Through these posts get them engaged and ask them to share your posts with their friends.
  • What does your audience doesn’t like? Try to post the content that promotes good thoughts and positivity. People will more likely to share your posts that they really love.
  • Don’t post this type of content that has false information.
  • Also, check out which trends are your fans following on Instagram. Work on it and share some posts accordingly.

Continuing the Conversation through Comments:

Whenever you share the content on your profile, the post is judged by your Instagram followers. Here are some tips that will help you to turn your losing game into an ultimate success.

  1. Continue the conversation with your fans through comments. Talk with them and share your thoughts about the posts which they love the most in the comment section. If they will also respond you through a comment, give them advice and encourage them to do the same.
  2. Ask them to share your thoughts and opinions about the topic. Also, challenge them to do a thing in different ways. Ask the questions with yes or no and involve more audience.

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