3 Ways To Help Reduce The Carbon Footprint Of Your House

3 Ways To Help Reduce The Carbon Footprint Of Your House

Most of us have grown up listening to the stories of how great good old days were by our grandparents. How everything was pure, fresh, and always in abundance and how everyone lovingly embraced the values of caring and sharing. Well, all these tales of peaceful and holistic living seems to come from a long-lost time because unfortunately, global warming and climate change has adversely affected our planet.

Something as basic as fresh water or even air has become some sort of a luxury in present day scenario. Rather than blaming policies, politicians, or industrialist taking individual responsibility is the only legit thing to do. And we can start doing it right from our home by making some small and effective changes.

It is very much possible to reduce the carbon footprint of your house by using these techniques. By doing so you are not only doing a favor to yourself but to the planet as well.

Use low energy light-bulbs

Yes, making some amendments in something as small as a light-bulb can affect the carbon foot-print of your house. Instead of using the regular high power bulbs, start using the florescent ones that consume much lesser power. If you happen to look for 2 BHK flats in Thane then chances are high that your house will be made energy efficient already.

Using energy-efficient kitchen appliances

Kitchen is that one area of house that consumes maximum amount of power. By making energy-efficient appliances in the kitchen you can save a good amount of money on your expenses as well. Using microwave instead of stove, using simple tap-water instead of filter water, switching to low energy consumption mixers and grinders are some of the methods to make your kitchen more energy efficient.

Right water-usage

The amount of energy spent on supply, treatment, and usage of water is a major factor in deciding the carbon footprint of your house. Before buying or making a house, build a right water-oriented strategy for your house. If you use the right plumbing equipments and water network for your house then your house will automatically use less energy and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. Also mend areas that are susceptible to ‘water-leaks’.

Whether you are building, buying or selling  2 bhk flats in thane Ghodbunder, as a global citizen it is our responsibility to follow a more energy-efficient way of life. You don’t just owe this to the present generation but also to the future generations to come.

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