3 Ways You Can Use Landscaping For Basement Repair

A wet basement is a nightmare for any homeowner. Too much moisture in the basement can cause a number of problems that can easily lead to costly repairs such as dreaded black mold, warped flooring and rotting sheet rock. Moreover, your expensive electronics suffer a huge blow by simply fizzling out and your upholstered furnishings can develop a bad case of mildew. Your home’s foundation can also get compromised, that can threaten the structural integrity of your home.

If you are planning to sell your home, a wet basement can reduce your property value to a significant 25%. You would be surprised to know that the solution to wet basements starts with correcting your landscaping mistakes.

1.French Drains

You would think, tossing a bunch of stones wherever, will do the trick. But it ain’t so! It may sound and seem very simple, but this method requires a level of expertize. This method basically manages the water accumulation and further direct it so that intrusion into certain areas can be avoided.

There is a layer of sophisticated fabrics, certain types of gravel and perforated pipes, below the layer of rock. While taking into account the geometry of slope factors, all these elements are laid out in a pattern. Then, an effective french drain system is installed that doesn’t get clogged and diverts water in the right direction. It is actually a job of a professional if you want to avoid any basement repairs in the future.

2.Drainage Swale

If your property has an area that is almost always moist, that means it is a naturally occurring drainage swale. This sort of area is usually lower than the surrounding areas. Typically, water runoff drains away to this area that probably goes into a local stream.

This type of feature can be used as an effective drainage strategy. It will not only get the water away from the property but also preserve your investment in the trees. Unmanaged water runoff can cause erosion over your property. So, through this you can maintain the soil and the water won’t end up in the basement.

3.Basement Windows

Basement windows are usually not considered a part of a home’s landscape. But it is essential that the point of egress is factored into the design aspect of landscape. It is after all, a critical area where the water runoff should be directed away from.

The directional barriers in the windows shouldn’t be eyesore but rather blend with the surrounding landscape. It need to become an integral feature instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. You can make the basement window a part of the landscape design by using the same materials as for retaining wall, patio or walkway.

Let’s tackle the problem

If you are experiencing any wet basement problems, the first step to remediation is to address the drainage issues that are present outside your home’s landscape. To prevent water intrusion in the future and to protect your home’s investment, consider the time period landscaping has been inspected, even if your basement seems all high and dry.

There is always a chance that problems are developing. By taking preventive measures with the help of professionals such as fixing basement leaks and some landscaping corrections, you can save costly repairs down the road.

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