4 Benefits Of Using The Pom Shuttle Transportation Service

4 Benefits Of Using The Pom Shuttle Transportation Service

Some of the task most passengers or holiday resort travelers encounter sometimes is related to the worries how one can get to the port of Miami (POM) without thinking of using their private cars to embark on this trip, we provide you maps illustrating the port in relation to the airport.

Getting To The Miami Port Without Your Car

It is possible you save yourself the haulage and stress associated with driving yourself from your destination to the Miami port cruise terminal, coupled with the expenses you will incur for parking lots at the terminal. However, we recommend you use one of our POM shuttle services to help you get to your destination stress-free, with the cheapest and affordable rate with most convenient options at your disposal.

POM shuttle transportation service is very conducive and provides you option to either share rides service and private transfer with the available luxurious fleet of modern transport shuttle at our control to take you to the terminal where embark on your cruise travel.

POM shuttle transportation service usually communicates with its passenger on and before their scheduled pick up time for arrival or departure for both air and sea to be affirmed, as passengers are designated to pick a location to board the shuttle on standby.

We advise passengers to beware of transportation service that is not duly registered with the county permits or license to operate as a commercial passenger service or fail to abide by regulations that are designed for the safety of all passengers using POM shuttle transportation service to get to their destination.  We recommend passenger use the POM shuttle transportation service to get to the airport and also to the cruise port terminal as they appear cheaper and easier compared to the traditional or normal taxi, in other to have direct access to get into most places the normal taxi would be limited to get in.


For passengers using the POM shuttle transportation, especially if you traveling from Miami airport to the cruise terminal, your taxi fare could be between an average of $27 dollars flat rate which seems relatively cheaper compared to the normal taxi that could gup up to $75 dollars a day.

Cruise Line Transfers

Many cruise lines offer transfer service from the Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports to the cruise terminals, which often at times seems so expensive and restrictive.

Miami Fort Lauderdale Independent Shuttles

In addition to getting a cruise line shuttles, the POM shuttle transportation can get you to and from the port as it is comparatively affordable and convenient, providing subtle transport service of buses to accommodate passengers request.

POM shuttle transportation service is equipped with luxury cars like the limos as some passengers would love to go in style cruising a limo to complement their status, as there are dozens of car service in the area, around the ports to provide you with this service. Price of getting a luxury car is quite high and you will have to compare and see which is best affordable to provide you the type of comfort you derived when getting to the airport or cruise terminal.

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