4 Reasons Artificial Grass Might Be The Right Choice For Your Yard

Everyone longs for that beautiful, deep-green yard that’s soft enough to walk on in bare feet, is resistant to heavy foot traffic, and requires little to no maintenance. If this seems like a yard that doesn’t exist, the good news is it’s actually already available in the form of artificial grass. If you’re ready to make a change in your landscape, here are four reasons artificial grass might be the right choice for your yard.

No Watering

The problem with maintaining a green, lush lawn is that it requires a lot of water and fertilizer to keep it that way. These substances require a lot of money to purchase and a lot of time to apply. If you don’t water your lawn, though, it turns brown and becomes crunchy, which is no way to enjoy your backyard. If you have artificial grass, however, the color is built-in—always a perfect shade of green. Plus, this color is maintained without a drop of water or an ounce of fertilizer, saving you a lot of time and money.

No Mowing

Another problem with having a healthy yard is that it grows quickly. This means you have to mow more often, which, while offering a great aerobic and strength workout, isn’t the most pleasant way to spend an afternoon. After all, there’s a reason why more and more people utilize landscaping services to do the work for them. Plus, you have to figure out what to do with all the grass clippings, which can be a tedious task in and of itself. If you use artificial grass, you’ll never have to sweat through another grass-cutting session or try and get your lawnmower to start at the beginning of a new cutting season.

No Seeding

No matter how well you take care of your natural grass lawn, it’s likely that you will eventually have patches of grass that die completely. Then, the long process of preparing the dirt, laying seed, and growing the seed begins. Even if you’re successful in this process, these patches will likely have a slightly different shade of green as the grass matures, making for a strange polka-dot patchwork on your lawn. Artificial grass, however, never dies, and therefore never requires seeding. Voila: no more polka dots.

Great Durability

The best part about having a nice backyard is that it makes a great gathering space for friends and family. Once those friends and family start enjoying your yard, though, its beauty will quickly be diminished as the increased foot traffic flattens the blades of grass. Artificial grass doesn’t have that problem, however. Whether you have one guest or one hundred, the grass will retain its shape and beauty for years to come.

Compared to grass seed or sod, artificial grass is a larger upfront investment. However, given the savings in time, water, grass seed, fertilizer, gas and maintenance for your lawnmower, and a host of other expenses associated with a traditional lawn, artificial grass turns out to be a better long-term investment. While it may not be the best for everyone, for some, artificial grass checks all the boxes and provides a great alternative to achieve that picture-perfect landscape.

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