4 Reasons To Use Rugs In Your Interior Design

Interior designs are personal decisions, with rugs being at the top of the list as number one accents for your home décor. However, some people are conflicted with the pros and cons of using a rug to accentuate an interior design. Why? Because they believe rugs cover up the best of a home’s décor. But nothing could be further from the truth. The right rugs can make a room even grander. This is especially true if you work in real estate with commercial kitchens for sale or other building areas that you want to rent out.

Rugs Cover Stains or Unsightly Floor Spaces

If you have children, then you have had those oh-no moments of grape juice or something similar spilled across the floors. If you have carpet, that makes it even worse—stains everywhere. But rugs can cover up stains until you have the cash to replace that section of your floor space.

Rugs Can Be a Colorful Accent

Rugs come in all kinds of beautiful patterns, colors, and sizes. You can use a rug to tie together the entire room’s interior design. For example, if you went with a rainbow motif where the walls are blue, the furniture is red, and the vases and picture frames are purple, it would make sense to throw down a nice yellow rug to bring your rainbow idea together. Or, for second example, you might have an ocean themed room, with varying blues on the walls and in the accents. In which case, you should get a nautical rug with seashells to unite your overall décor.

Rugs are Perfection for Families with Small Children

Small children make big messes. And rugs give them a space to play without ruining your floor underneath. There are even kid-themed rugs, such as cartoon characters and fun, quirky patterns, designed specifically for a bedroom or playroom. These are perfect for families with small kids—but, really, rugs are perfect for anyone.

Rugs Protect Hardwood Floors from Scuffs

Hardwood floors can be expensive to install. And upkeep can be time consuming. Rugs ensure your hardwood floors are protected from scrapes and scuffs. From the kitchen, to the dining room, to the bedroom, living room, and bathroom, you can put a rug of any size anywhere to accommodate your walking habits without ruining your floors.

Rugs can make or break your interior design and home décor. Their purposes are varied, but they do indeed make life a little easier, especially with little ones running around.

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