4 Reasons Your Ice Maker May Not Be Making Ice

4 Reasons Your Ice Maker May Not Be Making Ice

You never give much thought to losing an unending supply of ice in the warm months until reaching for a few cubes, only to find the container empty. It is easy to take a refrigerator with ice making capacity for granted. Thankfully, most ice maker repairs are simple and relatively inexpensive.

Accidentally Shut Off

Filling the freezer after a long shopping trip, or moving items around can cause you to accidentally trip the arm to the upright position, effectively shutting down the ice maker. You can look in the ice tray and see that there is ice made, but it will not empty out in the tray until you reset the metal arm down into the “on” position.

Bad Motor

If the metal arm is in proper position, indicating the ice maker is “on” and there is ice in the tray, it is most likely a problem with the motor. There may also be an issue with the electrical components for proper operation. This will most likely require the assistance of a repair expert to fix correctly.

Clogged, Frozen or Kinked Water Line

When there is no ice in the tray, there is a problem getting water to the ice maker. This could be any number of problems. First, check for leaks to make sure there is no problem with the line that is sourcing the water. Having a kink, or clog in the line is the next culprit. This may require changing the water line. A frozen water line will mean unplugging the refrigerator and thawing out the portion that is causing the backup in water flow. Most of these are relatively easy fixes, although you may want a service professional to handle changing the water line if you have never done this task before.

Water Fill Setting Needs Adjusted

Tiny, or over-sized ice cubes are an indication that the setting for water flow needs to be adjusted. There is an adjustment screw that allows for the increase and decrease of water moving into the trays with each cycle. A repairman can have it readjusted quickly.

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