4 Secret Herbs and Foods from 4 Different Parts Of The Globe

4 Secret Herbs and Foods from 4 Different Parts Of The Globe

The more we advance technologically, the more we realize that the older generations actually knew more about healthy lifestyles than us. Take the cannabis plant, for example; people had been using it for medicinal purpose for thousands of years and we are just finding out about the health benefits and medical properties that the herb possesses. It is true that products like Canna-Pet have been delivering the benefits of CBD to pet owners for years now, but we are only scratching the surface of what the plant can still do for us human beings. Nevertheless, there are other gifts of nature in various forms that you may not know about either and in this list, we will discuss four of them from four different parts of the world.

Lovage (Europe and South-West Asia)

The secret herb was and still is used by the few people who know about it in South-west Asian, European, and Middle-Eastern countries like Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Cyprus, Armenia, etc. The diuretic herb is used to treat painful symptoms of urinary tract infections, swelling in the region, and may even prevent the formation of kidney stones. Lovage is also used to treat a number of other conditions such as acidity, heartburn, indigestion, bloating, headaches, and even menstrual problems.

Papaya Leaves (India and South Asia)

Although the papaya fruit originated in the American continent itself, the use of the plant’s leaves as medication to treat dengue fever was developed first in India and a few other surrounding nations in the region. The juice from the young papaya leaves is extracted and given to the patient suffering from the mosquito induced fever to alleviate the symptoms and speed up the passing of the fever. To the surprise of many who thought the treatment to be nothing more than a placebo, a study in 2012 proved that it actually works!

Zijuan Tea (China)

Popularly known as purple leaf tea, the Zijuan tea is one of the many incredible herbs from China and you should know that it isn’t the only purple leaf tea either. If you are wondering how the purple tea is any different from the green tea, as a lot of the Zijuan’s health benefits are a result of the tea’s rich content of antioxidants, the answer will surprise you. Apart from antioxidants, which are present in green tea variants as well, the Zijuan tea also possesses a unique, unidentified and unnamed ingredient, which makes it ideal for preventing cancerous developments, neurodegeneration, and diseases of the heart.

Caraway Seeds (Malaysia)

Malay women used to treat menstrual cramps and even start the menstruation process with the help of caraway seeds, and although it’s not exactly a proven scientific fact, the FDA has cleared the seeds for use in treating any abdominal cramps and stomach ache. The good news is that the positive effects of the caraway seeds extend even further and apparently also help in lowering body fat. Acidity and bloating are believed to be relieved by the seeds as well.

This list would be too long if we were to mention every secret herb, fruit, seed, etc. but kefir yogurt from Turkey and asafoetida from Sri Lanka are definitely honorable mentions. All this makes us wonder what other secrets remain undiscovered in the lap of nature and if we are doing all that we can to preserve and discover those secrets.

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