4 Things An Escape Game And Daily Life Have In Common

4 Things An Escape Game And Daily Life Have In Common

If you see close enough, you would find that our daily life and escape room games have many things in common. Some call them lessons while others refer to them as learnings. Just as life, escape game is comprised of new objectives, challenges and one time chances. We may restrict ourselves in the daily life situations as we have the complete control over choosing our surroundings. However in escape gaming, all we left with an option to battle against the challenging situations. In this post, we will discuss few areas where an escape game and daily life hold common methodologies.

Goal Setting

Goal setting takes a strong willpower and self motivation. Thinking big is not the only thing, you need to implement and conduct it strategically. Without keeping a vision of upcoming challenges may divert the path. In an escape game, the player has to set the goal in prior and is required to build the path for its achievement. Similarly, without setting an appropriate goal, one cannot actually achieve anything great in life. The accomplishment of the goal truly depends on how hard you strive for it.

Unique Perspective

Without a unique perspective, any player in the escape may seek for the help. It is the time to realise that your way to see things can only discover the hidden secrets of an escape game. It is not necessary that the things are same the way they look. They can be manipulative or a fake set up to trick you. You have to be conscious and skeptical at the same time. Even in the real life scenarios, following the herd is not always the right method. You initiative can change a lot for you and people around you.

Accepting Challenges

Challenges and risks are part of our lives as well the escape room games. In real life, we may run away from the challenges and seek way to reduce the risks but the same does not go well with the escape room challenges. All you have is to deal with them. You may succeed and even in failure, you can atleast learn. This teaches us to be stronger and accept challenges in daily life too.

Learning and Getting Better

Mishappenings during the escape game teaches a lot. It helps you becoming better and grab the upcoming opportunities in the game. Similarly, with real life situations, we learn to adapt some things and do better next time. It does not matter if you fail to escape in the game or real life but what actually matters is whether you learn through it or repeat the same mistake again and again.

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