4 Things You Need To Remember When Planning A Move

4 Things You Need To Remember When Planning A Move

Moving into a new place can be exciting like Montreal moving.  Of course, it is very easy to get caught up in all the hype or distracted by all the stress, and because of that many people can be a bit hasty when it comes to the moving process but it can be easy if you hire a company like ASAP Moving. Whether your move is months away or just around the corner, here are a few things to remember (in the face of everything else) as it will make the process so much easier.

#1:  Change of Address

While you are taking the time to learn your new address—and before you leave your current address—make sure that you officially change your mailing address. Or, at the very least, make sure that you apply with the post office to have your mail forwarded.  Even though you can submit online, this process can take a little while to finalize.  Thus, try to forward your mail starting two weeks before your move. By the time moving day comes, your mail should already be waiting at your new place.

This also goes for updating your bank, bills, utilities, and other agencies you regularly contact.  Make sure that your cable provider, gym membership, bank, auto insurance, etc, knows how to reach you.

#2:  Research a Moving Company

The internet has made it very easy, these days, to get as much information as you need on any topic. In this case, do your due diligence on the moving company. Look not only at their qualifications but what other people say about them.

#3:  Measure Twice, Cut Once

Ok, this adage is taken from carpentry, but the same can definitely be true when it comes to preparing for a big move. Make sure that you verify the dimensions of the front door (and every door, really) so that you will be able to move your furniture freely through the house until it finds its new home.

#4: Separate Dangerous Materials

It is easy to get carried away, when packing, and simply just put everything in the same room in the same box: like a box just for the kitchen or bathroom or garage. While this is normally a smart idea, make sure that you do not pack corrosive, explosive, or flammable materials with such casualty.  Indeed, this could put your whole family in danger, not to mention potentially destroy all your stuff.

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