4 Top Tips For Cat Grooming

4 Top Tips For Cat Grooming

Cats are relatively self sufficient but they still need assistance in grooming department. When performing these grooming related activities such as nail clipping, bathing, ear cleaning etc., they tend to throw an angry hiss your way or may even gash your arm with their extended nails. But it shouldn’t be so stressful. A cat may not enjoy a grooming experience, there are steps you can take to to make it bearable and less stressful  for her and to keep you from a visit to the ER. 

1.Start Early

The best way to make your cat accustomed to grooming (or at least make it tolerable) is to get her used to being handled this way right from the start as a kitten. By getting her accustomed from a young age will make her learn to accept it  throughout adulthood.

Start with simple touches to her ears, paws and mouth etc. Then, over time, introduce different type of grooming activities slowly to her. Make sure you don’t start with  bathing – from a feline perspective it is one of the most annoying activities. Start with something easy and less bothersome.

You can also try out a variety of brushes and combs. Start with a softer brush and then work your way up with an effective comb. Of course, a soft brush wouldn’t be that effective but it will help in building the cat’s trust. Remember not to do everything at once, be patient and just take things slow.

2.Keep Things Easy

The thing that you need to keep in mind before grooming is that both you and your cat are in relaxed state. It would be best not to attempt the grooming when your cat is running around. You should also avoid any grooming if there is too much activity going on in the room The best place is a quiet room. Many people find the best solution is to take their cat to a vet clinic that offers grooming.

3.Trimming Claws

Most of the damage, a cat can inflict probably comes from her nails. That’s why it is important that you get your cat’s claws trimmed regularly. The ideal time to trim your kitten’s nails is once a week. Once your cat turns eight months old, you can do this once every two to four weeks for the rest of her life. Use special clippers and stay at least one tenth inch away from the thick part that contains the vein. If you cat is too stressed or becomes so during the process, don’t force your cat to go through this. Give her a break and start again later when she is relaxed.

4.Cleaning Eyes and Ears

Make sure that you check the inside of your cat’s ears regularly. If you see any waxy residue then wipe it off using a cotton ball dabbed in baby oil or feline ear cleaner. Never use a stick or swab because if your cat moves suddenly, you can end up injuring her eardrums. Gently hold the earflap and restrain her if she fidgets during the cleaning.

End the grooming session on good terms by giving her a good rub or a treat. This will give your kitty good memories and will encourage her for future grooming sessions. A professional with years of experience and expertize is usually the best choice for your sassy cat, however if you are doing it yourself, these tips will help you make  this experience a less stressful one!

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