4 Unique Ways to Change Around Your Backyard's Design

4 Unique Ways to Change Around Your Backyard’s Design

Backyards are no longer just a place for the kids and dogs to run around and let off some energy. Rather, they’re turning into backyard retreats where family and friends can enjoy spending time with each other in a natural environment. If your backyard could do with an upgrade, here are four of our best tips for changing around its design.

Use Stones to Create Traffic Flows

One great thing that you can do to help section off the different areas of your backyard is to create traffic flow areas. These can be easily created with stone pathways. By placing the stones in a pathway design, you can direct the flow of traffic throughout your backyard. You may just be surprised at how often your kids opt for moving along the pathway instead of walking through your dining area.

Screen It in With Lattice

When it comes to your backyard palace, you may want to have some space where the neighbors can’t spy on you. For this, you’ll need to invest in some sort of screening material. One of the cheapest, most versatile, and unique options is lattice screening. This can be easily installed in a couple of minutes and be painted to be as unique as you would look. Lattice is also the perfect material for allowing vine plants to take over and integrate as part of your wall.

Use Gravel to Designate Areas

Another great technique for helping to change your backyard design is to use gravel to designate certain areas. For example, you may want to have gravel or another type of stone laid down in the area that you have your firepit. This gravel can assist in visually creating a barrier for that area of your backyard and separate it from the rest of what you have going on.

Install a Floating Patio

If your backyard isn’t quite yet defined into spaces, it’s time to think about it. A floating patio is a great addition that can help to subset your lounge or dining area from your firepit or games area. Floating patios are only a few inches off of the main ground but provide a visual barrier and more protection for the feet.

Changing up your backyard design isn’t too difficult to do. It all starts with understanding what your goals are and finding ways to implement them. Hopefully, the above four tips have got your mind jumpstarted, and you’re starting to develop how you’re going to change your backyard design for the better.

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