4 Wintery Hair Color Ideas To Get You Noticed This Holiday Season

4 Wintery Hair Color Ideas To Get You Noticed This Holiday Season

If you like the idea of a dramatic new look that will get you noticed at this year’s holiday parties and help you feel the festive spirit, then there are plenty of options, especially now that unnatural hair colors are a big trend and easy to achieve. You can find lots of inspiration for bold colors at mynewhairstyles.net too if you are planning a new, colorful look.

Here are four looks you could consider, and there will be one to suit you regardless of your current hair color:

Santa Claus Red

Red is one of the colors most associated with Christmas, and so what could be more festive and seasonal than vibrant, scarlet hair? To achieve this, you will either need to already have blonde hair or be prepared to bleach it before applying the red dye of your choice. When applied to darker hair, you will still get a red effect, but it will be duller and less bold.

If you already have light or bleached hair you can get this look at home using a red temporary dye such as Manic Panic, Crazy Color or Directions, however, if you need to bleach your hair first and have never done this before it is best to get at least this stage done at a salon.

Pair bright red hair with the gold makeup and jewelry to complete your Christmas party look!

Red Black

For people with dark hair who don’t want to bleach it due to the risk of damage, or who simply can’t get it light enough for a bright color to take, a good Christmassy option can be a black dye with a hint of red. This can look dramatic and sophisticated and will show a beautiful red sheen under the lights at your Christmas parties.

Several home hair color brands make a black-red, so this is something you can do at home if you don’t like going to a salon for color.


Want to look like a snow queen this winter? One great option for the winter season is to go for a platinum or silver look. This is achieved by using purple or blue toners on light blonde hair. You can have a go at this at home using anti-yellow shampoos, but it can be a bit hit and miss so it is generally best to go to a salon where they can ensure you get the shade you want.

Ice Blue

If you like the idea of an unnatural color but aren’t keen on red, a cool pastel blue can give you an icy, wintery look perfect for the season. As with red, you will need light or bleached hair to achieve this – especially as it is a light color. However, it can look amazing for your Christmas party outfits and you’ll certainly make an entrance!

Are you planning to change your hair color for the festive season? Let us know in the comments!

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