5 Amazing Online Lunch Order Options When Super Hungry

If you are super busy and super hungry, ordering lunch online in the middle of the day may seem to be the best option. However, selecting food to devour may not always be easy for many. This post will help you select the best lunch order options.

Food start-ups have made the lives of many much easier. Whether you are working in your office and need a quick lunch delivered at your office or you are enjoying a weekend with your friends and want some delicious food delivered, food apps and websites are at your service. However, it can be a draining exercise to know what to order for lunch. Here are top five amazing lunch order options that you can go for when hungry.

  1. Chicken with Parathas

Who does not want to devour Chicken dish? And when it comes to Paratha with Chicken, it is an unbeatable combination. From spinach chicken to chicken korma, you can opt for the one you like. Or you can opt for the simple home-style chicken curry.

  1. Rice and Chicken

A tempting combination of rice and chicken can make any lunch special. You can go for the teriyaki chicken rice for perfect oriental flavor. The food expert adds an extra flavor by offering a special Teriyaki sauce. It is deliciously cooked with delicate spices and perfectly cooked rice. And if you are in the mood for some North Indian taste, Chicken Biryani can be your best bet. You can also go for chicken cooked in spinach or coriander based gravy; tastes yum with steamed rice. When in doubt, you can always count on chicken and rice to be your best Online lunch order option.

  1. Veg Subzi with Parathas

For all the vegetarian lovers out there, there are many options for you out there too. Pick from a wide variety of vegetable dishes to select from. Paneer Bhurji, Aalo Gobi, Mutter Paneer, all taste amazing with parathas.

  1. Organic Pav Bhaji

A spicy mix of vegetables is cooked in special blend of spices. The food expert makes this simple dish extraordinary by adding special Pav Bhaji masala coupled with butter dipping two pavs. Topped with crunchy onion and lemon will blow your mind. It will definitely satiate your desire for street food.

  1. Sindhi Curry with Rice and Aloo Tuk

If you are tired of eating thick gravy food, then you must try Sindhi Curry with Rice and Aloo Tuk. Fill your stomach with simple food and still get amazed of this phenomenal cuisine. It’s a complete meal accompanied with hot and crispy aloo TUK. The food is a pleasure to the taste bud and light on the stomach; perfect lunch option.

When in doubt, just refer to this list to get the yummiest food delivered at your doorstep. Lastly, don’t forget to top it up with some deserts. While Gulaab Jamun can be the most obvious choice, try others too like Gul-e-Firdaus or Rice Kheer if you feel like experimenting with your sweet tooth.

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