5 Common Property Problems Found During Home Inspections

After the first home inspection was done, homebuyers sometimes just assume that their property does not need any inspection again. They will only do so when they sell the property again. This is not something that you should ignore at all. When you need to assess the value of your property to acquire a loan or just lived for long in your home that you need to know if the structure is still livable, then you will need to get a property inspection. You should know that there are a lot of problems with your home property when it is left without a professional home inspection .

Do you know what these common problems that professional home inspection found in homes? Here are five of them.

Window Separation and Cracks

One of the common problems found with checking properties, especially with homes is the cracks and the separation of the windows from its original position. You might not be able to notice this, but if you find that your home has water leaks, then that is one of the signs that your house has this problem. It is also the perfect situation for mold to thrive.

Ventilation and Attic Insulation

The issues dealt with ventilation, and the insulation of the attic are two of the most common problems found in homes, especially ones that have extra space at the top. If it is not convincing to you, just ask any home inspector, and they will give you the same answer. No one wants to live in a stinky and stuffy home, so it is a must for every homeowner to address this issue.

Environmental Issues

Home inspection Auckland is also concerned about this problem as well. Before you buy a property that has a structure built on it, you want to rule out the environmental issues that are attached to these homes if you want to live in a comfortable place. You should also do the same when you are either living at your home or when you are selling it.


Some properties have drainage problems. However, buyers and sellers mostly do not bother addressing this issue until they have already sold or bought the property. It is important that you keep the water out of the property’s wall cavities. It may seem like it is an easy problem to address compared to repairing the roof gutters or the downspouts, but you will never know if this is a problem until you have a professional home inspector check it out.

Cooling and Heating Systems

You will discover along the way that the cooling and heating systems in the property are also problematic. It could be due to poor installation, or the previous owners of the house did not properly maintain it. Such systems in older homes can also be outdated and just need to be replaced.

Whenever you are securing a loan, selling or buying a property that has a home on it, always hire a home inspection  professional so that you will know whether it is worth what you are going to do with the property.

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