5 Creative Catering Ideas For A Kiddie Party

5 Creative Catering Ideas For A Kiddie Party

Kiddie parties are one of the most treasured memories a child could have, especially if it’s their own birthday! Because these parties are celebrations of the early years of your child, why not make it as memorable as possible?

There are so many ways of making your child’s kiddie party imaginative, unique, and most importantly, fun for them and their friends. Here are 5 creative catering ideas for a kiddie party:

  • Space Adventure

What child has never dreamt of going to space? Having a space-themed kiddie party would definitely make even the kids-at-heart excited. With the recent release of the new Star Wars movie, you can take advantage of a galaxy-defending theme with space food and a Millennium Falcon cake!

  • Mad Science Laboratory

With a mad science laboratory-themed kiddie party, the kids will love being hands-on with their food! One creative catering idea would be to put the food and drinks into laboratory equipment such as beakers and glass containers. The kids can even be given laboratory coats and safety goggles to really get into the theme of the party.

  • Carnival

When one goes to a carnival or circus, certain types of food almost always comes to mind really quickly. Think of cotton candy, popcorn, soda, hot dogs, corn dogs, and many more!

With a carnival-themed catering service for a kiddie party, this would definitely make the children feel like they are in a real circus. An added bonus to this colorful festival would be actual circus performers that can entertain the kids.

  • Luau / Moana

A luau-themed kiddie party is also a great way to go for a kiddie party! All of them must have surely seen the Disney movie Moana and are sure to be familiar with it. A floral, tropical setting for the party would set the mood for this luau party. The children can also enjoy flower-shaped sweets and cakes, and even tropical food or seafood for the heavier meals!

  • Bonfire / Camping

Another creative idea for a kiddie party would be a bonfire / camping-themed one! The kids can enjoy roasting marshmallows, hotdogs, and other foodstuffs over a safe and controlled fire, of course. They can pick out snacks that are usually brought when one goes camping and let them feel like they are outdoors in the mountains or forests.

With all these imaginative and fun catering ideas, it will certainly be a party your child will remember for years to come. Make it more memorable with delicious food that fits right into the theme of the kiddie party. Go for a creative catering company that serve great dishes and is flexible with themed parties!

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