5 Décor Ideas For Your Home Office

5 Décor Ideas For Your Home Office

While working from home could be a blissful experience, the informal and laidback home ambiance can be a mood spoiler as well. Imagine slouching on the bed with the laptop screen gawking at you, as if to remind you of the deadlines you haven’t met. Amid yawning and binge-watching your favorite series, you finally bring yourself to working a bit. No, that’s not enough! You must set up a well-furnished office space at home in order to build that essential office environment which, in turn, will help boost your productivity.

The best part about creating an office space at home is the liberty to apply your own décor ideas. Where else can you give a formal space a personal touch with a hint of homely comfort? And the good news is that you can set-up the best home office even on a shoestring budget. All you need is a suitable office desk like the ones available at https://www.moderndigsfurniture.com/modernfurnitureblog.html?article=Best-Office-Desk. Add to it a few stationery items and you are all set to work like a pro!

While you are the best person to create your own home office space, we can give you a few take-home ideas to inspire your creativity. Here are five of them.

  1. The Corridor Office

Utilize a vestigial strip in your home to create an intellectual space. Push a simple and neat unity desk against one of the walls. Reserve the opposite wall to mount a spacious cabinet for storing books, files, notebooks, diaries, and the office electronics. Make sure to keep the desk clean. A laptop, a suave lampshade, and a pretty little plant pot would suffice.

  1. The Writer’s Nook

A writer demands a space that offers the comfort of a home and triggers breakthrough ideas inspired from the world outside. As such, the best working space for a writer would be that nook around the large sunlit window in the bedroom.

Throw in a warm-hued rug and plant a barrow desk or a currant writing desk and chair. Place your laptop, a funky table lamp, and an interesting plant pot on the table. Reserve a corner for a cool ladder shelf for the stationery items. A splash of bright paint on the corner wall would pleasantly demarcate the working space from the bedroom. Also, you can hang fashionable clipboards on the wall, holding inspirational quotes to fight a writer’s block.

  1. The Office Studio

For those living in studio apartments, an L-Shaped desk would be a smart investment. Besides lending a quintessential office element to the space, this desk is a great choice to carve out an office area out of a large hall or living room.

Align the desk by the window that receives lots of sunlight. Opt for sleek table décor pieces to go with the sophisticated desk. Allow a bonsai pot or an orchid pot to be the statement piece of the table.

It would be practical and aesthetically pleasing to fix a boxed cabinet on the wall behind the desk. This shall serve as your library as well as your office stationery storage. Make room for a couple of doorless compartments in the cabinet to serve a decorative purpose. You can place your family photograph, a most-prized memento, a winning shield you like to flaunt or a framed quote in there.

  1. The Teeny Office

If you must work in a restricted space, wall mounted desks would be the best option for your home office space. These minimal desks are specially designed to mute the pressure of an already crowded space. All you need is a small wall with a good flow of natural light. It’s amazing how a well-furnished plank of wood protruding from the wall makes such a smart worktable!

Pair the table with a non-fussy chair, and invest in a contemporary table lamp. Instead of wedging the already cramped space with a heavy cabinet, create a DIY honeycomb shelf on the wall above the table for stacking stationery items. It could accommodate a tiny plant pot along with a couple of décor pieces as well.

  1. The Designer Station

Are you an artist or designer working from home? Well, you require wide working spaces. Bring home an extendable table attached to a drawer cabinet for keeping your stationery items. You won’t complain about crammed table tops hurting the quality of your mathematically precise project designs anymore.

As the table is big enough to dominate the space, leave the rest of the accessories to a bare minimum. We suggest a white lacquer table against a white wall. Complement it with a sleek white chair. A medium-sized plant pot and a silver clamp table lamp would sit perfectly pretty on the table.

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