5 Delicacies from The State Of The Rajputs, Rajasthan!

5 Delicacies from The State Of The Rajputs, Rajasthan!

India is very well known for its rich heritage and culture. It currently has 29 different states and all these states have different languages and different cultures that combine to give a secular country that we are!

And today we are going to be talking about one such state that has a lot of history and culture associated with it. This state also shares its border with Pakistan and has seen great kings and warriors. Also famously known for its art work like mirror work and tie dyeing and which was once called Rajputana, i.e., the country of the Rajputs.

If you haven’t guessed it till now, well I am talking about Rajasthan. Over the past years Rajasthan has been a great tourist spot because of the reasons I mentioned earlier. Also, it provides the vacationers with rich culture, tradition, forts and other monuments.

But not forgetting the food of the place is something which every vegetarian loves. Today, almost 70% of the state is filled with vegetarians making it the most vegetarian state of our country. The vegetarian list that comes from here is absolute heaven for all the vegetarians out there. So, if you are in the mood of some old fashioned Rajputana food, then you should definitely continue reading the article.

Below I am going to list 5 famous food items that are popularly consumed in Rajasthan:

  1. Daal bati churma– The infamous daalbatichurma is must try when you decide to visit the state. Just like each state has a signature dish it is famous for, well this dish is definitely the signature dish of Rajasthan. But if you just cannot resist yourself from having this lovely delicacy then the internet is your best friend here.
  2. Gate ki khichdi– Khichdiis well known in our country. The speciality about this dish is the soft besan dumpling that is used in the khichdi which is referred to as gatta. It can be had as a meal or sums up to a great evening snack. In fact, you should definitely try this out at home.
  3. Boondoraita-Raitais very famous in north India. It can be teamed up with biryanis or anything spicy as a matter of fact. It is basically used to dial down the spices. The boondoraita is very easy to prepare and is an absolute treat to the taste buds as well. It uses boondo or boondi and sweet-sour curd.
  4. Rajasthani bhindi– We all have eaten ladyfinger, and one might wonder why this item is included in the list. Well the reason being the preparation of this dish is very different. It involves deep frying and being seasoned with some spices. One can easily get the rajasthani bhindi recipe in hindi
  5. Laalmaas– well this is one of the crowd pullers when it comes to meat. It is spicy and gets its red colour from the red chillies. This is a real treat for the non-vegetarians and can be enjoyed with bajrarotis.

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