5 Essential Safety Measures That Protect Newborns

The second you become a parent, it’s like nothing else in the world matters. That little person that you created is the end all be all of everything. Your top priority in life is now protecting this fragile little human being.

It’s not an easy job. The first year is literally the most dangerous time for a delicate newborn life. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that a third of newborn deaths occur in the first month after birth. The odds of anything severe happening are extremely low (the infant mortality rate is less than 1% in most developed countries), but it’s best for parents to be prepared with a few safety measures.

Safe Crib Precautions

The first place to turn if you want to improve safety for your newborn is their crib. Injuries are a serious concern and many happen in cribs where newborns sleep for hours each day.

Remember the rule “bare is best”. An organic fitted sheet is all that needs to be used within the crib to prevent accidental suffocation and injuries. For the crib itself, check with organizations like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to find safety ratings.

No matter what, parents should keep in mind that it’s always safer to have your baby in a crib rather than sleeping in your own bed. If you do let them nap in your bed use a baby box. The simple idea that was first conceived in Finland is now being used in the U.S. as a way to encourage parents to use safe sleeping habits. A baby box, which looks just like it sounds, keeps babies on their backs and is free of loose items that can pose safety issues.

Smart Home Security Features

We’re well beyond simple baby monitors. Today there’s a wide variety of Wi-Fi enabled security sensors and cameras that can sync together to protect your entire home. If anything moves or makes a sound you’ll get an instant alert.

Find a system that offers a lot of options and allows you to personalize your home security. Options like cameras with a live feed can allow your security system to double as a baby monitor on your phone. A security camera at the front door and within the nursery will help you keep tabs on the most important areas of the home. At the very least make sure your exterior doors are reinforced with a steel plated deadlock and add motion sensors to all of the windows and doors.

Car Seat

Without a car seat, most hospitals won’t let you leave with your baby. That’s how important it is to use a car seat every time you drive with your newborn. Just as important is to use car seat restraints properly. Add the Garmin baby cam and you’ll be able to drive a little easier knowing your precious cargo is protected.

Become familiar with the different types of car seats that are on the market and the size/weight requirements. It’s also important that the car seat meets government standards, such as being ISO (International Standards Organisation) compliant.

Safety Monitors

Wearable technology is a growing industry that has expanded into baby products. Helicopter parents can make a few fewer flyovers with devices like the Owlet and Mimo baby monitors. It’s just one of many connected baby monitors that use pulse oximetry technology to tell you how your newborn is doing by measuring vital signs like heart rate and breathing.

Be aware that some health experts believe connected baby monitors could do more harm than good. A review published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that connected safety monitors can create added stress for some parents. Instead of worrying less about their newborn’s health when things are relatively fine some parents overreact if the alert does go off.

Watch Out for Recalls

Many safety measures are taken when developing baby products and approving them for sale. However, some problems can slip through the cracks. Parents have to keep an eye out for recalls. You can sign up with the CPSC to receive email alerts anytime there’s a recall. If you own a product that’s been recalled stop using it immediately.

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