5 Fruits You Have To Try

There is nothing more delicious than a good piece of fruit. They are juicy, sweet and incredibly appealing. Better yet, they have a number of health benefits and as everyone knows you should always try to eat your five a day to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Basically, eat as much fruit as you want and you will reap the benefits. Instead of just eating regular fruits, however, you want to mix it up a bit and keep it exciting. It’s amazing the amount of people who haven’t tasted or even heard of a few of these exotic fruits given just how delicious they are.

  • Lychee

Found all over South East Asia, lychees are a small, round fruit sheltered in a bright pinkish shell. Take away the shell and you will soon find the white, fleshy fruit inside a delight to eat with its fragrant smell and sweet taste. In addition to exotic flavours you also get to enjoy the process of eating a lychee, which sounds strange but it does actually leave you with a sense of achievement – getting the fruit out of its shell really can be hard work! Eat just four to five lychees a day and it will give you two thirds of your vitamin C intake.

  • Carambola

Usually referred to as the star fruit, the carambola is another brightly coloured and juicy fruit. But, unlike the lychee the carambola has crisp flesh and is mainly a source of vitamin A and potassium. If you want to avoid the worst of this fruit then you should stay away from carambola which is browning and which has shrivelled edges.

  • Strawberries

Okay, so they might be a bit better known than a few of the fruits on this list but regardless they are one which everyone has to try at some point. The cultivation of strawberry plants is big business all around the world and there isn’t a country which can’t get its hands on them. You could just eat them straight out the box but they are nothing if not flexible so cut them up and add them to a cake or blend them and add sugar for jam. It’s really up to you!

  • Guava

Probably one of the healthiest fruits pound for pound, one serving one guava can contain over five times the amount of your daily intake of vitamin C. You don’t just have to eat it fresh or out of a can because guava is great in liquid form (cocktails!) so you can spend the day lazing around the house and fully enjoying yourself! There is really nothing better than a cocktail that is tasty as well as healthy.

  • Dates

Dates are the Duracell bunnies of fruit for a reason – they really get the metabolism fired up. If you are on a diet or need a quick source of energy then dates are for you.

See, there really is more than just apples and bananas out there waiting for you.

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