5 Glorious Beauty Secrets Your Body Is Trying To Tell You

Your body is one of the most ingenious machines ever designed, providing you with a lot of information regarding its health. Even when it comes to beauty, it can send a lot of signals, helping you improve your whole appearance. In the paragraphs that follow, we will present no less than five beauty secrets your body is trying to tell you. Enjoy your read and do not hesitate to share your newfound information with friends and family members. And, remembers, beautiful skin does not just happen, intensive care is required.

#1 Beautiful Skin is guaranteed through exfoliation

If you have noticed your skin becoming too dry and dull, it is time to consider exfoliation. In general, it is recommended to exfoliate your skin, at least three times per week. But, depending on how dry and dull your skin is, it is best to do it more often. Exfoliation will allow you to remove the dead cells accumulated on the surface, thus offering your skin the opportunity to breathe and look fantastic. Moreover, by exfoliating your skin, you will ensure a better capacity of absorbing the necessary moisture. As for the actual products to use, you can go with the store-bought varieties or prepare a scrub in the comfort of your home.

#2 Under Eye bags and dark circles are signs you need more sleep

Remember the saying: the queen needs her resting sleep? Well, this saying is valid for all women out there. If you have bags under eyes and dark circles the eyes, do not seek out solutions to hide them. Instead, go back to the root of the problem and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. It is clear that you are not getting enough sleep. Otherwise these signs of tiredness would not be present. Instead of despairing that these are present, it might be for the best to sleep at least 7-8 hours per night. This a rule to be followed, not only when it comes to your skin but also to general health.

#3 Dry and brittle nails need more protection and moisturizing

No one likes to have dry and brittle nails, but such things can happen, especially if you do not take the necessary protection measures. For example, when you are doing the dishes, it is for the best to wear protection gloves, to protect your hands. At the same time, it is recommended to avoid using nail polish remover that contains harmful substances, such as acetone or formaldehyde. Used for a prolonged period, these can cause the nails to dry, even more, increasing the risk of breaking. It is for the best to stick with acetate-based nail polish removers. And, yes, your nails need moisturizing as well. It is for the best to apply extra virgin olive oil, then go to sleep wearing a pair of thin cotton gloves.

#4 Too much sun exposure leads to premature aging

No matter how good you might look tanned, you have to think about the health of your skin. The more you expose yourself to the sun, the higher the risk of premature aging is going to be. You need to avoid spending too much time in the sun and especially during the peak hours when the UV rays are most harmful. At the same time, if you do have to go out, it is recommended to wear sunscreen lotion with high SPF or you can also use Bellaplex anti-wrinkle cream which reduces the signs of aging and tightens facial skin and protective clothing. Tanning salons are not a good choice either, as they can do just as much damage to the skin. Keep in mind that sun exposure can lead not only to premature aging but also increase the risk of skin cancer, one of the most powerful types of malignancies (reduced survival risk).

#5 The lost natural shine of the hair can be restored with eggs (protein source)

If you have noticed your hair losing its natural shine, do not despair. It just means that it needs a good source of proteins, to recover. So, before you feel all worried and stressed, it is for the best to turn to natural remedies. Egg yolks are an excellent source of proteins. For the best results, mix a couple of egg yolks with your regular shampoo. Apply the resulting mixture on your hair and leave it be for a couple of minutes. This will deliver the protein your hair needs to recover its natural shine. Repeat the application with each hair wash and, soon; you will enjoy a new appearance, with luscious hair.

These are only a couple of things your body is trying to tell you, regarding beauty and skin in general. Make sure you pay attention to them and use the advice included in this article, to look beautiful no matter what.

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