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5 Great Quilting Tips For Beginners Every Quilter Should Know!

Quilting is definitely one of the most exciting fabric arts that you can engage in today. However, if you are a beginner, this art could look a little bit intimidating especially if you have no idea on the right approach to take. We have put together a few groundbreaking quilting tips that will help you get started and these are very important for anyone who cares to venture into this art. These quilt hacks will cater for all your quilting basics and help you advance your skills with time.

Know the Basic Tools

As a beginner, you must know your basic quilting tools and make sure you have the best under this. There are some must-have tools which will help make your quilting measurements more perfect and also create flawlessly formed quilt blocks. These tools include square ruler, a 24 inch ruler, rotary cutter, quality thread, seam ripper, self-healing mat and extra-long tape measure.

Don’t Bite More Than You Can Chew, Start Small

Considering that quilts are always cute, the temptation to make huge quilts for your bed can be overwhelming. However, it will be good for you to overcome the temptation and start with small projects since you are still in your learning stages. As you learn the quilting basics, it would be better to start with a quilt that is approximately 60 by 40 inches and then attempt bigger protects once you are confident with the first project.

Buy the Right Quilting Machine

As a quilter, your quilting machine is very important. Some of the available machines are normally complex while others are easy to use and cheaper if you decide to buy. If you do not have a quilting machine to start with, buying one will be highly recommended and getting a quality brand very important. You can look around and check different quilt machine reviews to help you decide on the right choice for your work. Beginners’ quilting machines aren’t expensive but are very important. You can get one which you can grow your skills with and use even at an advanced level.

Organize Your Workspace

Quilting does not require too much space. However, you’ll need to have a reliable tabletop that will fit the cutting mat, a sewing machine table and floor space where you are to lay out your quilts. If you can get a folding or adjustable table, that’ll be good cutting your mats.

Know the Right Quilting Fabrics

The list of the available quilting fabrics can be confusing and is long. However, you should know the most common ones based on a number of factors including the advice of seasoned quilters. Knowing which fabric options are of high quality will help you choose confidently and also assure of quality quilts either for your personal use, sale or souvenir. Some of the most popular fabric options include cotton, flannel, denim, batik and wool.

With these tips, quilting can be fun and adventurous. As a rule of thumb, always make sure you’ve invested in the right sewing machine for your quilting work. Also, get the best designs that’ll make your work outstanding.

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