5 Handicraft Gifts Best For Her

5 Handicraft Gifts Best For Her

Gifts always create memories. Nothing is better than gifting the special lady of your life, be it your grandmother, mother, wife, daughter or daughter-in-law.  Gifts create an eternal and everlasting memory in the mind of that special woman in our life. The biggest question that most of us face is that, how to choose the best gift for our loved one?’

Here are some of the handmade gift idea which are unique and will bring a smile on the face of your special women:

  1. Jewellery BoxJewellery boxes are the perfect combination of utility with decoration marvelously. Women who love jewellery would definitely need a jewellery box. Jewellery boxes offer you an organized, secure and beautiful place to keep your valuable jewellery. When seeing Handicrafts of India, You can find wooden boxes with traditional hand painting on them or even boxes which look like little sandook. A jewellery box will help the woman you love in keeping her jewellery in a proper manner.
  2. Tie & Dye Dress MaterialWhen talking about Handicrafts of India, Traditional handwoven clothes are always in fashion. You can gift dress material, lehengas, dupattas, kurtis in leheriya, mothda and bandhani work. Cothes of tie and dye dress material are very elegant and beautiful. In fact, in states of Rajasthan, it is considered as an auspicious gift, to gift leheriya sarees to women. Dress materials of Tie & dye dress are always a good option as one can get it stitched as per their own choice and style. Colorful dupattas of leheriya and bandini on a plain kurta look magnificent.
  3. Bangle StandA creatively crafted bangle stand adds much more charm to your dressing table. These bangle stands are Made of wood and are neatly polished with multiple rods on which all kinds of bangles can be kept safely and beautifully on display. The beautiful carvings and paintings make these bangles stand out as a decorative utility article. There are also Some variations in bangle stands that are foldable which makes them easy for carrying in your bag during weddings or functions. These beautiful, useful bangle stands are the perfect gift for your loved ones.
  4. Bookends Remember how unwilling your sister or your friend gets when you want to borrow their favorite book. Even if you convinced them to lend their books to you they would still give you a long list of instructions on what to do and what not to do with their books. For the people who love reading books, Bookend sets are available in materials like vinyl, MDF, wood and iron, but handcrafted sets are the ones that you will completely fall in love with. They are crafted out of wood or iron and are hand painted in bright colors. Bookends add more to your table decor.
  5. Wind chimes and handbagsWind chimes and cowbells bring a lot of positive energy and music to your home. You can find variety of wind chimes that available in different material like iron, wood, and ceramic. Also, you can gift beautiful handmade bag to your loved ones which they can carry everyday with them.

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