5 Innovative Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

Planning a kitchen remodel can be really fun. Picking out the items that go into your new kitchen can take some time as there are many options to choose from. If you’re looking for some innovative changes, here are five that you can employ to make your new kitchen extremely functional for your use.

Double Ovens

If you’ve ever tried to prepare a meal for a dinner party, you know how valuable oven space is. When remodeling your kitchen, consider installing a double oven. This will give you extra oven space so that you can cook all portions of your meal effectively. No longer will you have to worry about rotating items on the oven racks and properly planning out what order the food goes in.

Warming Drawers

There’s nothing worse than going through all the hard work of cooking a quality meal to find out that your spouse is running late. Instead of letting all that hard work fall to pieces, install warming drawers with your new kitchen remodel. These warming drawers will allow you to keep food at a warm temperature after it’s done cooking. This way, no matter what time your family members get home, they can enjoy an oven-fresh, hot meal.

Lighted Countertops

Adding ambient lighting is a great way to add architectural interest and visual stimulation to any space. Illuminated countertops are one of the newest crazes when it comes to kitchen remodels. these provide both a functional and aesthetic purpose. First, when your countertops are lit, it can provide you with much-needed lighting for tasks like prepping your favorite foods. Second, the lighting of your countertops can provide a unique aesthetic appeal that will make your kitchen more inviting for guests. If you plan on having a bar in your kitchen, this is the perfect option to give it that extra something. They seriously look like something from the future.

Touch on Kitchen Sink

The days of having dirty hot and cold sink handles are over. You should include a new touch on kitchen sink for your next remodel. This will allow you to easily bump the faucet with your hand and turn the water on. This will prevent messes from dirtying up the area around your sink.

Pot Filler

One really cool innovation that you should consider installing during your kitchen remodel is the pot filler. This is installed over your range so you can easily turn the faucet on and fill up your pots. This eliminates the need for caring pots full of water to the stove.

Picking what to put in your new kitchen can be a fun time. Hopefully, the above five ideas make their way into your new kitchen design. Remember to aim to stay in your budget and select items that you’ll actually use in everyday life.

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