5 Questions To Ask Before Spending A Dollar On Soundproof Windows

Most people find solace in their homes, after being exposed to the daily grind and the noise outside. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t have the luxury of enjoying peace and quiet in their houses because the outdoor noise can still be heard from within.

You need the perfect balance of quiet and noise in your life. Having to deal with too much noise all the time may have negative implications in a person’s whole being. In order to enjoy quiet solitude and prevent your own indoor sound from disturbing your neighbors, you need to start changing things inside your home.

Installing soundproof windows is the key to keep noise and sound in their proper place. Here are some of the best reasons for installing soundproof windows:

  • To reduce the amount of noise that comes from neighbors
  • To reduce the amount of dirt that passes through the cracks and gets into the home/office
  • To add more insulation
  • To eliminate the noise coming from a busy street or from a nearby construction site
  • To add value to your home

You might get too excited with soundproof windows that you’re already thinking about driving to your favorite hardware store now to get the materials that you need. Hold your horses! Before you start calling a window installer, here are 5 questions that you need to ask:

  1. Will installing soundproof windows really get rid of the noise?

Soundproof windows are designed to eliminate or reduce unwanted sounds from your home or office. Installing them will definitely let you have a more relaxing time to sleep at home, and less stress and discomfort when you are trying to work in the office. You can reduce the noise from your surroundings and have improved quality of life.

Soundproof windows have limitations, though, in terms of the amount of sound that they can contain. Ask the window installation company about this.

  1. Where does the noise pass through?

Homeowners have spent thousands of dollars soundproofing their walls, thinking that it is through walls that the noise emanates from. In reality, though, about 90% of the noise comes through doors and windows.

  1. Can a double pane window act as a sound barrier?

Double pane windows reduce heat transfer into a home or building. It has a different system compared to a soundproof window. If you want a window that can help you manage the sound from the outside and at the same time reduce energy costs, it is best to install both a double pane window and a soundproof window.

  1. Do I need to replace my existing window?

New windows may be able to eliminate the noise to some extent, but it is not a guaranteed solution in completely eliminating the noise. You should also be aware that seals from old windows may eventually fail. Therefore, it is best to replace your existing windows with soundproof windows to solve your noise dilemma.

  1. Does it take long to install soundproof windows?

Surprisingly, it does not take too much time to install soundproof windows. In fact, installing traditional windows can take up more time than the soundproof ones. Some homeowners may even install these windows themselves.

Installing soundproof windows can help avoid unpleasant experiences inside your home or office. Aside from eliminating the noise from the outside, you may also need soundproof windows so that you can discuss private matters without having the fear of being heard by people next door.

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