5 Signs Of Moisture Problems In Your Basement or Crawlspace

5 Signs Of Moisture Problems In Your Basement or Crawlspace

Most basements and crawlspaces have a damp feel to them, but you should never see signs of standing water and water damage. Below are five signs you have a moisture problem that needs repaired right away.

Wet Spots and Discoloration on Walls

It is hard to deny there is a moisture problem in the basement if you can feel wet areas on the walls. Areas of concrete walls that are absorbing and bringing through water will appear darker in color. You may see a white, chalky outline. This is leftover calcium deposits and salts left once damp areas dry. It is a sign that water is accessing this area of the walls frequently.

Standing Water After Rain

Have you found mysterious puddles of water on your basement floor? Large snow melts and rains are the times to look and see if there is water accessing the crawlspace or basement. Make sure you are not dealing with an internal water pipe leak, or that any basement windows and doors have been left open enough to allow water through. If everything seems secure and sealed, you are most likely in need of wet basement repair.

Visible Leaking of Water Through Cracks and Joints

There is no better proof of a problem than to see water coming through cracks and seams in the floor or walls of the basement. This shows you exactly where the problems are. Mark off this area and bring in a professional to determine the best course of action to bring a solution.

Rust or Watermarks on Appliances, Support Poles, or Beams

Furnaces, extra refrigerators and washers and dryers are sometimes placed down in the basement of a home. It is a convenient area with plenty of space to handle storage and large appliances. Look for rusting on the bottom areas of any metal appliances and support poles. Look for tell-tale water marks along the bottoms of walls and wooden support beams. There could be basement flooding happening that you are completely unaware of.

Strong Smell of Mold or Mildew

One of the unpleasant side effects of uncontrolled moisture in the basement is the unfettered growth of mold and mildew. The normal smell of a basement is one of slight dampness and musty odors. The strong and pungent smell of mold is a clue that you have an excess amount of moisture in this area of the home. These mold spores can make their way into the main areas of the home through vents. Breathing them in can make you and your family sick, or experience severe allergy symptoms all year long.

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