5 Signs You Need Foundation Crack Repairs Mayland

5 Signs You Need Foundation Crack Repairs Mayland

Owning a home is the dream of most people and they work all their lives to achieve it. Once the home is acquired, a lot of new responsibilities have to be taken up in keeping the home well maintained. A homeowner must give more importance to keeping the foundation of the building strong and well maintained. It is easy to overlook as the foundation is hidden. If it is neglected for long then it is better to hire a professional in Foundation Crack Repairs Mayland to set right the defects.

Let us understand what types of repairs do foundations may need and why

  1. Leakage in the basement – Leakage occurs due to cracks in the basement. This leakage can damage the carpeting and laminates. It also causes the growth of mold. When left unrepaired for long it weakens the concrete structure of the building. Cracks must be repaired if there are stains on them which indicates ingress of water. Cracks without stains also need to be closed but can be delayed.
  2. Plumbing – The damage to the foundation is mostly caused by faulty plumbing or sewage. This needs a lot of attention as the faults in the pipeline can develop much later after installation. Periodic checking of both plumbing and sewerage lines and repairing the defects is essential.
  3. Proper Drainage – Rainwater and aquifers can also cause a lot of seeping and damage to the foundation. It is advisable to have rock bed installed two feet away from the exterior walls of your building so that seepage through over watering is avoided.
  4. Underground sources of water for leakage – Underground water sources are required for pools, sprinklers or such other things. Leakage from this can create problems to your foundation. You must call for professional Foundation Crack Repairs Mayland to inspect for any possible underground water seepage to your foundation. If they are found they must be repaired immediately.
  5. Cracks wider than 3 mm – It is better to fill the cracks when they are small and before any leakage occurs as prevention is always better than cure. However, sometimes it goes unnoticed till the crack becomes large. Trying to fill cracks that are wider than 3 mm by self is not advisable. You must call in a professional to inspect the crack and determine the suitable repair which can be taken up right away.

Many houses have leakage in their basements due to eavestroughs and downspouts. If the foundation wall is strong it will not leak due to leakage in eaves trough. But downspouts can exert a great amount of hydrostatic pressure against your foundation. This can weaken your foundation over a period of time. Designing downspouts to drain 8 to 10 feet away from your building foundation is the ideal solution.


The foundation of the house is the structure that needs proper attention but being a concealed area, people tend to neglect it. It is noticed only after the foundation is weakened and damages are caused. If detected early minor repairs can solve the problem. In case the damages are deeper or the cracks are wider than 3 mm, it is time to call a professional Foundation Crack Repairs Maryland to inspect and do the needed repairs.

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