5 Steps To Redesign Your Place At A Shoestring Budget

Do you wonder, what will you do with the piece of furniture that you love a lot but whose fabric is worn out or is not according to your taste. Buying a new piece of furniture that goes well with the surrounding, is not always a viable option. Everyone wants their place to look top notch but redecorating the entire place burns a hole in your pocket. There are numerous ways in which you can still keep the old furniture and make it look complimenting with your room’s decor without a landslide change in your saving account.

If the entire structure of your furniture is weak and needs replacement, then you can go for furniture upholstery depending upon the condition of your furniture or you might have to discard it completely. But, if the structure of your furniture is solid and it possess a solid framework and you just need to change the fabric of your furniture then custom design slipcover is what you need.

Step 1: You should avoid getting a pre-made furniture slipcover. Not only setting them up is a hassle but they rarely are a perfect fit. Once you put them on, they look very sloppy and the finish they project make your furniture look hideous. Also, they are made up of the basic design for people who do not give proper attention to the appearance of their place. They just need a piece of furniture on which they can come and relax.

Step 2: Start by, selecting the fabric, and design on the fabric you wish to have on your furniture. There are more than a couple of thousand different types of fabric and designs available. You can choose any design and fabric that goes with your home decor.

Step 3: Once you have everything sorted, you need to find the right company or a professional carpenter who can do custom furniture slipcover fitting for you. If you are still in doubt about your chosen fabric, you can consult them to help you find the best suited slipcover for your furniture with your budget.

Step 4: Now that you have the perfect combination of the slipcover and the professional to custom design it and place it on your existing furniture, it will be as good as new.

Step 5: Just custom designing a single piece of furniture is not enough. You need the cushion to match them as well. Not just the cushions, but also other complementary furniture like chairs or nearby footrest. You don’t need to get all hyper and tensed now. The same fabric and professional slipcover custom designer can take care of it as well.

The same slipcover can be put on chairs, cushions and any other furniture you wish. All you need is to make sure that you choose the right company to do the job for you. If you are in NYC, then you can opt for the same furniture upholstery and interior design and decorating firm that I used for installation of custom slipcover on my family heirloom furniture.

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