5 Types Of Kitchen Sinks You Must Know About

A sink is perhaps one of the most used fixtures of your kitchen and hence it should be given proper attention. If you consider changing your kitchen sink, the first question you should ask yourself is, ‘what type of sink to choose?’ There are a number of options available in the market and we are going to discuss few of them today, so the next time you go to buy one, you won’t have problem choosing the right one.

  1. Farmhouse

The Farmhouse sinks are also known as apron front because of the drop down design configuration. Usually, they have a large single bowl that is exposed on the front and the faucet is installed on the countertop. Due to their design, they can be bought in different colors to match the décor of your kitchen. The Farmhouse sink mostly looks good in traditional kitchen.

  1. Double Bowl

Double Bowl sinks have two separate sections, meaning you can perform two tasks at the same time. They are usually in rectangular shape; however, D shaped double bowl sinks are getting popular too. A word of advice; since they take up a lot of space on the counter, make sure you inspect the space on your kitchen before installing them.

  1. Self-Rimming

Self-rimming sinks, also known as top mount or drop in, are easiest to install. The lip of the top mount sink overlaps with the countertop and it is normally held by screws. Since they overlap the counter, you might find it difficult to clean the sides or find the right color to match the counter of your kitchen.

  1. Under-Mounted

Just as the top mount sinks are installed from the top, the under-mounted kitchen sinks are raised from below and the lip is not visible on the counter. It takes relatively longer time to install these, but it gives a more sleek and beautiful look. They appear well with stone, granite or marble countertops. Most of them are stainless steel; however, other choices are available too. Visit PlumbTile.com to view more options.

  1. Prep Sink

Prep sinks are typically smaller than a regular sink and are mostly used for washing vegetables, fruits or other meal preparation. A prep sink is installed additionally near the place you keep your cutting board for convenience. Trough shaped sinks are generally narrow and stretched and are perfect to use as prep sink, but they are more expensive than the other sink types.

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