6 New Age Pastimes That Benefit Mind and Body

Since the dawn of time, humans have sought to balance out the struggles of everyday life with methods for reducing stress, anxiety, and illness. While these seemingly negative indicators have served a meaningful purpose in our evolution and help us to recognize difficult or dangerous situations, modern life can cause a variety of harmful effects if too much stress and strain occur.

Countless methods for healing and treating virtually every ailment and struggle have been tried and tested – unfortunately, many are absolute nonsense. Some of these pastimes and treatments have even been found to cause damage to both mind and body, completely negating any indirect benefits they might actually provide.


Maintaining a healthy balance between mind and body is crucial for those seeking to live life to the fullest and enjoy inner peace. A variety of new age treatments and pastimes may receive some criticism from those in the media, yet they can still benefit individuals in a variety of ways (whether it be in an absolute sense, or merely through a placebo effect).

Today, let’s examine six new age pastimes that, regardless of scientific benefits and promise, can actually benefit both mind and body.


Perhaps one of the most popular low-impact exercise regimens used today, the art of yoga, is well-known for providing benefits to both mind and body.

Perhaps the most immediate benefit of practicing yoga is increased flexibility, which can be very useful when engaging in other forms of exercise and physical activity. Other physical benefits from the pastime include increased muscle strength, better weight management, and improved heart health.

In addition, yoga can provide an array of mental benefits. In many ways, yoga is viewed almost as a form of meditation, which helps to better ground yourself in reality and reduce stress. Many couples who practice yoga together also report better romantic connections as a result, meaning that its benefits can extend beyond the individual or individuals who practice this pastime.

Tarot Reading

Everybody can feel lost from time to time. Ultimately, we all deal with issues such as depression, anxiety and a general feeling of despair about where life may take us. For many who are feeling such negative emotions, being given a bit of perspective and guidance can help immensely.

Tarot card readings are one way that many people find meaning, purpose, and direction. While there isn’t ample scientific evidence to confirm the validity of tarot readings one way or another, many report feeling substantially better emotionally and mentally after such a reading. Some even begin studying the art of tarot readings and learn how to enjoy this new age pastime by themselves.

For those interested in how tarot readings work and the broader dynamics of this activity, see these recommendations.


Since the dawn of time, people have been looking up at the sky and wondering what the universe holds in store. While many drew all the wrong conclusions from the trajectories of stars, comets, and other celestial bodies, it nevertheless provided a fun pastime for countless people to enjoy.

In the modern day, stargazing is a prime activity for those seeking to feel better both physically and mentally. One obvious benefit of the activity is the connection between nature and oneself that the experience provides; there are notable health benefits to simply being out in nature. Additionally, many prime stargazing spots are located in rather remote areas, meaning that a certain amount of physical activity is needed to get both to and from the location.

Additionally, stargazing can provide mental benefits in the form of increased creativity and reduced stress.


Finding inner peace and tranquility is easier said than done. While countless people look for the road to true happiness, more and more people are discovering a shortcut: meditation. This age-old strategy of clearing the mind and focusing on the positive can have an array of physical and mental benefits.

Perhaps most notably, meditation reduces stress and anxiety: two of the most debilitating mental aspects of day-to-day life. In addition to the improved mental state meditation provides, it can also produce benefits such as a reduced risk of memory loss, improved resistance to the effects of addiction and withdrawal, higher quality sleep, and lower blood pressure.

Meditation has become so popular – and so well-documented in terms of health benefits – that even traditional doctors are prescribing its use.


Millions of people feel skepticism toward many modern medicinal advancements. From an array of pharmaceuticals designed for mental disorders that react differently in different people to the addictive properties of painkillers, it’s no surprise that some are seeking a better way of dealing with physical and mental health.

Naturopathy is the use of natural ingredients to treat or prevent various illnesses and ailments. While there are certainly situations in which traditional medicines are above and beyond the better choice, incorporating naturopathy into your life can produce some benefits. Given that its focus is on eliminating the artificial, an improved diet and reduction of toxins entering the body are obviously positive factors that can be enjoyed from this strategy.


Spirituality and religion have formed the backbone of societies and cultures for eons. Individuals often find value in the belief that they can communicate with deities and spirits, who purportedly communicate and guide people on the best way to live their lives. While anybody can attempt this in the privacy of their own home, some experts on the matter – shamans – take it a step further.

While there are many different types of shamans, most focus on using a variety of techniques, natural herbs and ingredients, and outdoor spaces to commune with spirits. Ultimately, those who visit shamans report having greater clarity of vision and purpose mentally, improved mood and increased ambition to follow their dreams. Whether this is due to placebo or not is hard to determine, but a connection between ourselves, our spirituality and nature is an important aspect in finding personal peace.

While not everybody will agree that all six of these pastimes have merit, there are a plethora of people who swear by each. If you are looking for peace, tranquility and improved health, considering one or more of these new age pastimes may be just the ticket to a new and improved you.

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