6 Secrets To Cleaning Your Home The Right Way

6 Secrets To Cleaning Your Home The Right Way

A home cleaned right is a home that will stay clean for a long time. Sloppy cleaning will not only have you cleaning for a longer time, but it will also make your house look like it wasn’t even cleaned.

To clean fast and efficiently, you need to do it right. And to make things easier for you (while pleasing your inner clean freak), here are some tips that will help you get the job done:

  1. Clean from top to bottom

Don’t start by sweeping the floor and then going for the ceiling fan. This will only send the dust and cobwebs to the floor, meaning you basically just wasted time sweeping for no reason. Likewise, you might want to clean from left to right so that you can cover the whole room – without darting like a headless chicken from one place to another.

  1. Use the right tools

Don’t weigh yourself (or your wallet) down with too many speciality tools that cost a fortune – and will most likely burn through your furniture. Not only is this overwhelming, but it’s also unnecessary. The right way to clean your home is by having the following items at hand: microfiber cleaning cloths, mop, and duster, a vacuum cleaner, a plastic scraper, a scrub brush, several sponges, and some multi-tasking products and disinfectants.

  1. Declutter first

Every home has a certain amount of clutter, and the key to making your home squeaky clean is to get rid of that clutter first thing. Find places where you can store magazines, books, or clothes and only after that should you start with dusting the furniture and cleaning the floor.

  1. Keep the tools at arm’s reach

If you had a carpenter working on your roof which kept going up and down the ladder each time he needed one nail, you’d be annoyed to no end. Just like he’s supposed to take his tools around with him, so should you.

Take a bucket and place all the cleaning tools that you need in it: sponges, brushes, rags, and cleaning products. To make things easier for you, you can transfer the content of large bottles into smaller sprays.

  1. Get the grease off

We never pay attention the grease which builds upon objects that are touched often(for example, light switch plates or door handles). Still, for your house to actually be called clean, you need to know that you aren’t packing yourself with germs each time you open a door.

  1. Do regular speed cleaning

Clean often, but only clean the things that actually need cleaning. This will cut the “deep cleaning” time a lot, and you’ll have a home that will be clean for a longer time – simply because you will not let the dirt to settle.

If you clean right, then your home will be a healthy and nice-looking environment for a longer time. Some of these ideas may sound a little bit intimidating, but once you add them into your routine, cleaning will become a breeze.

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