Electric Spiralizers

7 Advantages of Electric Spiralizers over Manual Ones

In today’s times, spiralizers are the rage. After all, they are convenient, time saving, offer a healthy meal every time, and let you innovate and create amazing dishes. Once you begin spiralzing, you will realize that you never get bored as you look forward to creating something new and appetizing dish using spiralized veggies and fruits.

When it comes to the right spiralizer for you, you need to choose between a manual spiralizer and an electric one. Most people prefer to opt for an electric spiralizer rather than the manual one. Here are 7 reasons why they stand by this decision.

  1. Electric spiralizers are time efficient

If there’s one thing that needs to be said about electric spiralizers is that they are great for those who are hard pressed for time. Since the electric spiralizer runs by a motor, spiralizing food in it is consistent and dependable. Unlike a manual spiralizer that requires you to physically crank the handle.

  1. Electric spiralizers are quick and easy to use

Whether it is pasta or swirling faux-noodles, all you have to do is hold the vegetable in place, making sure it is flat at both the ends and is broad enough to fit the chute. Within seconds you will get spiralized faux-noodles, faux-fettuccine and even courgetti, which is nothing but spaghetti made from courgette with ease.

  1. Different and innovative dishes every time

An electric spiralizer functions like a pencil sharpener. It helps you move away from your conventional pasta, rice and potato dishes, which are laden with carbs. The colorful ribbons of veggies help you innovate and create delicious yet out-of-the-box dishes that are new and appetizing.

  1. You say yes to nutrition: Since vegetables are a major part of a meal, you are inevitably consuming your daily intake of nourishment. You can wave goodbye to processed foods and takeaway parcels as spiralzing is fast, easy and does a world of good to your digestive system, helps in increasing metabolism, and assists in hydration.
  2. Uniformity and evenness in slicing

An electric spiralizer wins hands down when it comes to rapid and uniformed vegetable spirals. With manual spiralizers, you need to hold the vegetable with one hand while the other hand cranks the spiralizer handle. There is no guarantee that you will get constancy in your swirls and ribbons.

  1. Electric spiralizers don’t create too much waste

When compared with manual spiralizers, the electric ones create less waste and usually leave you with just a cone shaped end piece unlike manual spiralizers that can prove to be messy and leave behind quite a lot of waste. If you are someone, who is particular about cleanliness, it is best to go in for an electric spiralizer.

  1. Electric spiralizers are great for everyday use

If you run a small catering business, prefer to make food in bulk or if you think about spiralizing your vegetables and fruits on a regular basis then you need to think about opting for an electric spiralizer as it will help you save time as well as energy.

Spiralizers are also great for kids as it helps them eat their vegetables without making a fuss. Children are fascinated by new things and when they see the twirls and swirls of cucumbers, carrots and beets transformed into faux-fettuccini or faux-noodles, they are sure to wave goodbye to their dislike for veggies forever.

Electric spiralizers are truly the best and most innovative kitchen appliances you can ask for. If you love to cook innovative and creative food that is as appetizing to people’s taste buds as it is to their eyes, you have to invest in an electric spiralizer and watch how you transform into a master chef, well, at least for your family and friends!



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