7 Appetizing And Must Try Dishes Around The World!

(especially who are foodies) consider food as one of the memorable aspects when they go to different destinations.

When visiting different countries, there is a list of must try dishes, that serve us the culture, flavor, essence and aroma of the country.

I present to you the most mouth-watering dishes from around the world, taking Italy beyond Pasta and Mexican beyond Fajitas.

  1. Mexican Cuisine-Huarache

Mexican cuisine is a mixture of Mesoamerican cooking with European.  Huarache is the most popular and must try a dish of Mexico. It consists of an oblong, fried masa base with a variety of toppings like onions, potato, red or green salsa

Tacos, Quesadillas, Al Pasto, Tamales, and Alambre are also some of the delicious Mexican dishes to try.

  1. Italian Cuisine-Risotto

Italian Cuisine was originated from ancient Roman, Greek, and Etruscan. Italian food is more than just spaghetti and pizza. There is an inclusive range of flavors, exotic ingredients and dishes to experiment.

Risotto is a rice dish served as a primo. The rice is cooked in broth to a creamy consistency. The broth may be meat based or fish based depending on the requirement.

  1. Japanese Cuisine-Sushi

The traditional cuisine dish of Japan was rice served with miso soup. Later Sushi as a type of food preparation was originated from Japan. It incorporates vinegared rice, tofu, vegetables and seafood and presented artfully in roles and other shapes. It is the must try traditional dish of Japan.

  1. Pakistani Cuisine- Biryani & Pulao

Biryani is basically a South Indian dish but it became a smashing hit in Pakistan. Biryani took many forms and shapes and even recipe variations such as Mutton Biryani, Sindhi Biryani, Tikka Biryani, aalo Biryani etc.

Likewise, Pulao comes second after it. It has many forms and methods of cooking because of the variation of culture and differences of areas.

Makai Ki roti with sarsoon ka saag, kebab with naan, Korma, Nihari, Haleem, Sajji and Dam Pukht are some of the exotic dishes to eat from Pakistani cuisine.

  1. Turkish Cuisine-Manti (Traditional Turkish Dish)

Turkish cuisine which includes the traditional dishes of Ottoman cuisine is a mixture of Middle Eastern, Balkan and Central Asian Cuisines.

Manti is the traditional Turkish dish. It is known for its unique taste and texture. The dish is simple: Small beef or lamb dumplings are boiled or fried and served with yogurt or butter, and often accompanied with a range of spices.

Menemen (traditional Turkish breakfast), Kofte (A Turkish Staple), Borek (Turkish savory pastry) and Kuzu Tandir are some of the delicious dishes of Turkey that foodies need to eat.

  1. Thai Cuisine- Phat Thai Kung

Thai Cuisine-the national cuisine of Thailand is known for its food profile. Balance, variety, and detail are the three factors that are considered as most important in its dishes.

Phat Thai is a stir-fried rice noodle dish. It is made with soaked fried rice noodles, which are stir-fried with eggs flavored with different toppings.

  1. Germany- Rouladen

Smoked pork belly, finely chopped onions and chopped pickles make the stuffing for Rouladens, which gets rolled up in very thin strips of beef. These rolls are seared on both sides and shallow-simmered in beef stock, carrots, and spices until tender. While the pickles might sound like a strange ingredient, it only takes one bite of your first roulade to completely fall in love with this traditional German dish.

Food is the luxury to taste and the unifying qualities that good food have are something that should never be underestimated. All these exotic foods around the world, broaden your cooking horizon and standardize your taste buds.

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