7 Reasons Why Glucosamine Is Used

A lot of people are going towards natural remedies these days for various kinds of ailments and diseases. One of the naturally occurring substances that is being used a lot these days is glucosamine mostly used in the hydrochloride form. It can be manufactured in the lab or is generally extracted from the sea shells. It is a vital building block of the body and is used to make the cartilage – which is a fine rubbery tissue acts as padding or a cushion for bones and joints. Dietary supplements from this substance are also made in the lab and are gaining popularity in the market because of the following reasons.

  1. Bone and Joint Disease

This chemical is a great remedy to reduce the joint pain and improve physical function in adults with a bone and joint disorder. This chemical is used by the body to basically form a sort of cushion around the joints and this can prevent damages to the bones and joints. This chemical is essential for joint health and a reduction in levels of this chemical can cause the joints to eventually deteriorate. The chemical can also reduce the inflammation and stiffness in joints especially the knee.

  1. Osteoarthritis

Hydrochloride as well as sulphate form of this chemical are very useful in the treatment of osteoarthritis. There is enough evidence to support this finding and doctors and medical researchers are using this chemical to help patients with osteoarthritis to relieve their pain and help in the mobility. The patients who use medicines with this chemical are known to have felt much better after using this chemical.

  1. TMJ i.e. Temperomandibular Joint Osteoarthritis

Medical professionals and scientists across the world have observedthe effect of this chemical’s combination i.e. hydrochloride form, chondroitin sulphate, and calcium ascorbateis beneficial. This taken twice on a daily basis helps in the reduction of swelling. Therefore TMJ arthritis can be cured using this chemical.

  1. Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Ulcers

IBD involves long term inflammation and of a certain part of the digestive system. Ulcers in the same part can be harmful for the digestive process and can cause a lot of other problems. This chemical can be used to treat this debilitating and life threatening disease.

  1. Allergies

Multiple research studies have been conducted to show that this sugar based chemical can actually reduce the allergies in the body. However the supplements containing this chemical should be taken with absolute care and not without the supervision of the doctor.

  1. Multiple Sclerosis

In multiple sclerosis the cells of the body attack themselves thereby posing a great damage to the health of the person. This supplement can suppress the damaging auto immune response that can destroy the nerves and the neural cells of the body. This can also result in the reversal of the progression to paralysis.

  1. Chronic Lower Back Pain

The chemical and the supplements made from it are also known to bring relief from chronic lower back pain that can make life difficult for a lot of patients.

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