7 Top Advantages Of Air Freight Services

7 Top Advantages Of Air Freight Services

Small businesses are often faced with the challenge of production and shipment costs. Air freight services provide a promising alternative for both small and large businesses to reduce the cost of shipment. All the shipping arrangements of a particular company can be handled by freight services with an overall reduction in shipment cost compared to LTL.

Air freight services provide a better alternative to road transportation when utilized in conjunction. Among the benefits a business can achieve through the use of air freight services include:

Tighter Control

Air freight services tend to have a much tighter control over cargo because of the short transportation time. Surely, time is a major factor. Business struggle with the task of dealing with time. As the popular quote goes, “time waits for no one.” Short transportation time also has benefits to the cargo itself. It reduces its time exposure to theft and damage. Faster delivery also allows a business to dramatically reduce labor and packaging cost.

Low Insurance

Air freight has shorter overall transportation time. This allows businesses to save a great deal of money when they pay a lower insurance premium. This greatly helps small business. Though air freight service can be more expensive in comparison to other alternatives, it presents savings on insurance premium.

Dedicated Fleet

Businesses that consolidate their shipments can benefit from a dedicated fleet for their goods with a lower rate for all. This way, all their goods can be transported at the same time. Using this, the various businesses can also have the chance of making good and more informative decisions. This can allow businesses to also manage the entire market distribution chain.

Risk Reduction

Air freight services have dedicated teams of experts that does risk analysis. Through risk analysis, possible risks can be detected early and then a counter-measure will be taking to avoid it beforehand. Shipments are made safer through this approach.

Extended Reach

Air freight services leverage a widely spread network of airlines. Clients almost all over the world can be reached through this extended network. Businesses get to target a larger audience and grow. Shipments can be delivered to nearly every destination.

Reliable Schedule

Airline companies are known to be on top of their game in maintaining a timely schedule. Even missing a flight won’t have a high impact because there are many flights departing hourly.

Less Packaging

Ocean shipments require heavy packaging. This costs time and money. On the other hand, air freight services require less heavy packaging. Money for additional packaging services can be saved for other uses.

Overall, air freight services provide benefits to both client and a business owner. Time and money are valuable assets that should be utilized properly.   

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