7 Ways To Prevent Mold In Your House!

7 Ways To Prevent Mold In Your House!

With the passage of time, things go stale and start to rot. Some of the most common signs of things losing their luster are mold. Mold is a common fungus that is found growing on various material. It is found growing on wood, drywall, and other materials in the house.

The mold spores can spread easily and cannot be completely wiped out. It can even grow in places that you can’t see in, like the inside of walls, leaking or condensing of pipes and above ceiling tiles. Other bad news is that it is a difficult and expensive problem to fix.

But worst of all, it is also hazardous to your health when it produces allergens, irritants and sometimes toxins. It is fair to say that you have some crisis on your hands. So before things get out of hand, you need to get cracking and apply all of the steps given below.

  1. Get Rid Of Moisture

Mold needs moisture to be able to grow, so it is apparent that you need to dry those areas that are wet. Most of the molds need only 24-48 hours of moisture before they start to grow. If you so much as even leave your wet towel lying around the house, it could give molds a chance.

If you have noticed a nasty smell coming from your laundry when it has been in the washer for too long, then that would be the mold. Do not sit around and dry up any place that is likely to get wet.

  1. Arm Yourself With Appropriate Tools

To take care of mold, it is vital that you equip yourself with the right arms for the job.

  • Buckets and brushes
  • Rubber o latex gloves
  • Sponges or mops
  • A vacuum with a brush attachment
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Furniture polish
  • Non-ammonia soap, detergent or commercial cleaner
  1. Get Rid Of Clutter

Keep an eye on household clutter around your establishment whenever you can and reduce them down. Clutter prevents air from flowing into your house. As a result, the HVAC system can not circulate air as well. Any furniture or draperies that block supply grilles will cause condensation.

So the best course of action that you can take is to get rid of all the junk that is of no use to you anymore. Push furniture away from grilles and vents to keep the air circulating.

  1. Open The Windows When Bathing

Opening your windows is the only way to prevent too much moisture from collecting in your bathroom whenever you take a shower. If your bathroom does not have a window, then open the door and open the nearest window before you take a shower.

  1. Clean The Walls After Bathing

Most people just leave the bathroom immediately after showering. Unfortunately, this allows moisture to be left on the walls, making it easier to collect mold. The only way to stop this is to wipe the walls with a sponge, towel or a squeegee. Make sure your whole family adapts to this.

  1. Shut The Doors And Windows When The AC Is On

When you turn on your AC, you must close all of your windows and doors. If you don’t, you will invite all of the humid air in to mix with the cool air, which results in condensation and what molds love the most.

  1. Don’t Hang Clothes To Dry Inside

If you do not have a drier or simply prefer to line dry your clothes just to save on energy, then you must hang your clothes on the outside to dry. If the clothes dry on the inside of your house, the evaporated water will cling on to the walls and the moisture will serve as a signal to call in all molds.

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