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8 Unique Ways Of Gifting Happiness

Summary –Gifting is considered a social ritual thereby ignoring the real essence i.e. expression of feelings. Check out some fabulous ideas of decorating gift boxes.

Gifting is our culture, our nature, our way of expressing love, compassion, jealousy or any feeling. A gift need not be expensive but has to be expressive. It is the way we present make more impact than what we present. There are simple gestures or tricks that when people follow can enhance their gift value by double.

There is a reason why surprises bring tears to eyes, as it shows the effort that an individual makes to present the gift. Gift is not essentially the product or a materialistic investment, it is the feeling behind selecting and efforts taken in presenting that makes the emotional impact.

8 Unique Ways Of Gifting Happiness

Let us learn 8 ways we can use Kraft gift boxes to surprise our loved ones.

1. Add personal touch by decorating a plain gift box Place your gifts in a plain or natural kraft gift boxes, take a broad satin ribbon of your loved one’s favourite colour, some bright coloured sparkles and an adhesive. Now write your feeling over the plain gift box using sparkles. Sparkles would take time to dry, so if you are in a rush pick some vibrant colour sketch pen to write your message. Tie the ribbon around the box making a bow.

2. Keep the curiosity alive – If your gift is tiny in size like a ring, bracelet, earrings or any piece of tiny jewellery, then you could build up curiosity by changing the look and feel of the gift.  Take a large size plain gift box, add some thermacol balls, candies and crushed colourful paper. Put your card along with a message. Now take a medium sized plain gift box and again throw in some thermacol, candies and add another card with message. Repeat the entire process with a small sized plain gift box. Lastly place your gift inside the small sized plain gift box. Pack all the boxes intact and tie a ribbon around it.

This works best if you are planning a proposal, as the size of the kraft gift boxes with lids would never reveal the surprise.

3. Gift beautiful messages – You really want to gift someone a memorable gift but your budget doesn’t allows then try this simple trick which will surely make your gift most valuable. Buy natural kraft gift boxes and stock them for convenience. Write your thoughts, messages and wishes for the person you are planning your gift for. If you are not good with words try Google or get the lines that best describe your feeling. Write small messages on small colourful papers. Prepare some good number of those messages and put them together in one of the gift boxes. Add some candies and flower petals to the box and ribbon it up.  So everyone loves to read about themselves, and a box full of messages will surely win heart.

4. Turn a regular gift box into floral – Firstly buy some natural kraft gift boxes; pick the size according to your gift. For this one you would also need some fresh flowers and adhesive. Cut any extra leaves or stem. You can go for any flower of your choice all that’s required is that it should be a little broad in shape like carnations. Next step is to paste these flowers all over the gift box using adhesive. This needs to be done with neatness. In case there are some drops of adhesive spilled around clean it with soft cloth or cotton ball. Do not put less than 5 flowers buds on each side of the box

5. Print a regular gift box with a design of your choice – If you like circles, triangles or any other shapes just take a bright colour sheet of paper and cut some random shapes.  This can even be personalised for instance if you are gifting a person who loves ice cream, you can simply make cut outs of ice cream shape and stick it all over your plain gift box, the same way you can make cut outs of car or toy shape if you are preparing a gift for a kid. This is simple yet creative way of boxing your gift.

6. Eco-friendly gift – Gifting bonsai is considered a sign of good luck, also it is your pious step towards environment. There is a creative way of gifting this plant. Pick one gift box from your collection of Kraft gift boxes with lids. Put the pot in the box and make a cut on the lid just large enough for the plant to come out. You can write your message on the box which is now at the bottom of the plant containing the plant pot. Please gift box the plant only until you present the gift.

7. Paint it with sand – Take a paint brush and put a layer of adhesive on the lid of the gift box.  Now sprinkle some good amount of sand of the wet surface. Make sure that you cover the surface evenly. Let it dry and dust of the excess sand. Now repeat the same for the box. Put your gift inside and present it to your loved ones.

8. Use tissue paper flower to adorn your gift box- Make some small tissue paper flowers and stick them on the four corners and centre of the lid. Flowers and efforts would be more visible if you use bright colours like red, green or pink.  Even white would enhance the sophistication of the box. Making flowers from tissue papers is a simple craft and to learn how to do it click here.

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