A Brief Introduction To The Professional Martial Art Fighter

All through the period of association with the United States Marin Corps, Justin Nauling served his organization with best endeavors, expertise and loyalty. In his near-about a decade’s involvement with Marine, he was given a series of assignments and roles to play. Notably, everywhere he performed his jobs with absolute enthusiasm that helped his gather success in all those assignments. Among the different areas he offered his services comprise First Force Reconnaissance Company, Third Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion as well Seventh Marine Regiment. His immense performing ability enabled him to get ranked as Black Belt Instructor in Marine, in due course of time. During this phase of his occupation, he trained thousands of newcomers in Marine services.

Some other wings where Justin served for Marine were Reconnaissance and Intelligence Group, 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Company, First Surveillance and Intelligence Regiment. He had to undertake special job duties during the battle operation for Iraqi Freedom in Iraq and in Afghanistan too. Justin got training in Reconnaissance and also for Designated Marksman training. The way he performed his duties as Chief of Water Survival (MCIWS), Marine Combat Instructor and Master in HRST refers to Helicopter Rope Suspension Training (HRST) that made his seniors highly impressed.

During his job term with Marine, he was given special training for Martial Arts. Following completion his job the Black Belt Master Justin planned to get further knowledge in Mixed Martial Arts. For this, he joined BRAUSA Academy located in Arizona and obtained thorough training on Brazilian concept oriented training on JU JITSU and MUAY Thai kickboxing. During this session, he performed amazingly excellent and highly appreciated by his master trainers Joe Riggs, Edwin Dewees and Santino DeFranco. After he became certified, he planned to advance for professional fighting. At everyone’s astonish,  Justin Nauling won his foremost fight Rage in the Cage 42 in December 2002.

The first win gave him a great boost as well, confidence and thereafter, he fought with a number of famed as well as amateur fight masters. Some of these opponents include Allen Branson, Ray Elbe and Ultimate Fighting Championship famed Jamie Varner. No wonder, his official fighting record of 5 wins vs. 2 losses depicts how quickly and efficiently he became master in MM professional fighting. The Platoon Sergeant, efficient instructor and great Marin Investigator Justin Nauling also performed his duties as a handy weapons and small arms instructor. As a Platoon Sergeant, he was associated with PENDLETON camp California. Currently, Justin continues martial art practices and is a demanding trainer to youngsters interested in kickboxing and JIU JITSU.

To remain up-to-date about the newest techniques and concepts on Martial Arts he undergoes continuous training too. He is fond of performing skydive practices, shooting sessions and playing volleyball on the beach. In his free time he also practice CrossFit sessions to maintain self fitness. Justin Nauling completed his studies in Management and Organizational Security courses from the University of Maryland and University of Phoenix correspondingly.

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